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  1. thanks yeah that actually makes a lot of sense cool sure why not
  2. i wasn't planning on making a small animation either, it just kinda happened. it was pretty fun thou and thanks!
  3. gotcha! and you've caught me euhuhe
  4. i liked the guy from that one pic i did with the hatchs, so more and are old dupes a thing? bc i want this guy to be some old dupe hatchs like him a lot bc he feeds them for coal ^big mood
  5. some junk i drew got a great new chef for a colony that hasn't actually collapsed yet ive also been feeding hatchs to make coal random jump i want to say around a third to half of my colony is narcoleptic
  6. well i wasn't asking exactly for oc prompts, just prompts in general i was just gunna use characters from the game or whatever else was requested i guess but yeah draw the squads are always fun
  7. no worries wait though so i i get forum avatar, but what exactly is the other one?
  8. if anyone is actually on rn gimme like prompts i guess
  9. man im becoming really inactive again ahah i need to start drawing more
  10. kooez, your groupshot made it to artist's spotlight at the beginning of the stream this week!


    1. Kooez


      oh wow! That's awesome! Thanks for sharing this with me :D

    2. mewthemew


      You're welcome! :3c

  11. here we have uh pickle powered ... fish ? lamp ? featuring random dupe