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  1. I know you've already said you're keeping the post-release vague because it's not fleshed out, but can we assume that post-release content will be coming less frequently? I have to admit, I keep coming back to the game because it changes so often. That's not to say I'd be bored without it, but by this point I've come to expect it. And I'm afraid that the game will feel to stagnant for me if the content slows or stops. I really hope this doesn't happen though. Maybe make some huge goal that gets tough for late games to keep me coming back? First winter is always the hardest, but as the game length goes on it just gets a lot easier. If I can make it to day 40-something, I can keep going almost indefinitely until I make some dumb mistake.Oh darn. I just realized that what I've suggested comes down to the whole difficulty debate that has persisted from the beginning. I think the difficulty sliders have fixed some of the problems, but it really just means that I'm set by day 70 instead of 40. I really just want some challenge element that keeps me coming back trying to get even one day further than my best. But this currently doesn't really exist. When I got to day 100 for the first time, I knew I could easily make it to day 200 if I wanted to, but I had no drive to go that far.