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  1. Oh, I don't think I was being clear enough. I mean, MAYBE William found this book in a library that Wickerbottom was connected to.
  2. I thought William was headed to California to see Jack. And therefore he brought his show that way and then BAM hit by a train. Finds a book somehow, which could be connected to Wickerbottom, and starts learning the secrets of Don't Starve. So, that explains the locations, no?Really nice summary. All my hours of research and putting stuff together and I could have just read this.However, I must agree with the person I'm too lazy to go back and look at the name of, the guy on the elephant is most certainly Wes, whereas the words at the bottom of the poster reference to Wolfgang.
  3. I don't know anyone who would be opposed! It'd be really awesome. Somebody, start a thread pushing for this.(apologies for double post)
  4. I always imagined that WX-78 would have a sort of radar that lets him reveal 50% more map wherever he walks. It's not overpowered but it's still awesome. Ha, I've thought that for such a long time and now I get to post my opinion on the character changes page--- this is too good to be true.
  5. We're Live!

    Congratulations, Klei. Don't Starve, mark my words, WILL rank up there in the survival games. I'm talking popularity somewhere between Minecraft and Terraria. You deserve the fame. This is definitely one of the most fun, entertaining, and worthwhile games I have ever played. I love sinking my chops more and more into the story of Maxwell and the game every time a new update comes out. Good job with the limbo there, by the way, not too little and not too much info there. Certainly has drawn more interest out of me than if the story was just revealed abruptly.I... I have no recommendations. This game is already too good. Watching the trailer of how the time has flown almost pulled a tear out of me. Yep I was just about to cry and then "sniff... this is so touchi--- GAH MAXWELL!!!"I am glad to have been on the scene when Don't Starve was in beta. I've been here since Long Live the Queen.Thank you Klei for making such a wonderful game. It will take off. It'll FLY off the shelves even more so than it already has been.Dry