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  1. Ouch.. been four months since i've come to the forums and this is the first thread I check :D

    it appears everyone's post count has quadrupled D:

    Well, the work still looks fantastic :D

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ouch.. been four months since i've come to the forums and this is the first thread I check :D

    it appears everyone's post count has quadrupled D:

    Well, the work still looks fantastic :D

  2. [MENTION=20997]Darkentro[/MENTION] [because oops, I missed the 'reply with quotes' button and don't know how to erase posts. don't want to flood!] I can agree with this, I think it would just kind of ruin the whole YOU ARE SURVIVING ALONE, SO URGENT feeling that you just lose when there's a friend nearby leading angry Beefalos at you.

    Yeah I agree, It would take away a lot of the feel. The main reason I would like it is because:A. I got it for my sister's birthday and she's to scared to play it (she's nine and a half) and she would like to play it with me.B. My other friend i got it for is a noob and I'd like to help him outC. My one friend and I have contests and it would be cool to play in each others worlds after the contests were over.

  3. I don't mean to stir anything up, but I strongly disagree. A lot can be achieved with as little as wordpad (although that is more than just a little impractical) and experience. Personally, I use netbeans and notepad++, and do like to keep my linux hdd nice and clean, although windows tends to get very crowded. (But that's art stuff and games and things of that nature. All of my important code is on git on a server, or in a folder somewhere within the contents of my hdd.) Now, for a skiddie, yeah, it would be hard for one to do anything remotely productive without craptons of software.


  4. Net code would have to be written, and most of the game itself would need to be rewritten to take advantage of the net code. On top of that, you'd have to determine if the server would be local or global, and if its global, then you have even more work ahead of you. Then you'd have to make some tuning changes (not many, mind you. the game would right its own balance, because of limited supplies split between multiple parties).Not to mention how much net code there would have to be for characters phrases, if you wanted those to show up for other players.:hopelessness:

    The game wouldn't have to be re-written, just all the character interactions with the world, such as, putting items into chests and taking them out, picking up items, harvesting items, etc...the first step would be to get a server to generate the world, and send it to multiple clients. Then, the next step would be to make the server send out commands, (I.E. player1 is at x 2, y 3) and then get them to do stuff

  5. A person's desktop has nothing to do with their ability to hack anything.

    For example, breaking into Pen-testing your wireless network requires nothing more than packet injection capabilities and a terminal. (Lazy bums could always use dictionaries, but who needs those when you have honeypots.)

    Desktop... means... zero...

    well, yes.

    But, he's kinda stupid if he's a hacker and he doesn't have a desktop that looks like trash.

  6. Not really. You could survive just fine without beefalo fur/horn. You're just gonna have to punish yourself a lil bit for it though. I should know, I've been there.

    yeah, so have I, trust me, killing 4 tallbirds a day to stay alive isn't fun... and during winter... (shivers at the thought)

  7. Wow! Congrats! I love the updates, although I now have to kill a poor beefalo to make my favorite hat ;) Too many awesome new things in the last few updates to possibly post them all. You guys rule! Enjoy your well-earned vacation!

    Killing the beefalo for a REASON makes me sad....I wish we weren't so reliant on the beefalo...

  8. He was asking devs about adding multiplayer to the game. Not about the mods :p

    (don't mean to start an argument, just making sure I win it b4 it's started.)but you stated it like multiplayer was never going to happen and multiplayer would ruin don't starve...Which makes it sound like you're against multiplayer, not just devs adding it...

  9. I can't believe you asked that question... At least read 1 or 2 other "multiplayer" threads! Devs said trillions of times that they ARE NOT going to add multiplayer! They've added multiplayer to Minecraft - see what you get? A game full of 9 yrs old kids! The main thing about Don't Starve is that You are ALONE! GOD DANGIT!oh. And welcome to the forums.

    well, the devs aren't going to add it...but we've been chatting on the possibilities of adding a mod.we'd only have to rewrite a good fourth of the codealong with setting up client-server interactions..and then tweaking AIand then managing extra quotesand combatand craftingand UI' it might take a while....:(

  10. It means post in it only to get it up to the top again.

    aha, well then, it was my fault.It wasn't to get it to the top, I just hate seeing these forum posts where they died b4 even makes me sad...