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  1. The main menu is so...empty...

    And the screaming spider, and the everything. ;_; Nostalgia is coming.
  2. some art :D

    Ouch.. been four months since i've come to the forums and this is the first thread I check it appears everyone's post count has quadrupled D: Well, the work still looks fantastic - - - Updated - - - Ouch.. been four months since i've come to the forums and this is the first thread I check it appears everyone's post count has quadrupled D: Well, the work still looks fantastic
  3. I just want absurdly hard bosses
  4. Me thinks you are just trying to troll that's awesome
  5. Creepado's art!

    [MENTION=6300]Snob[/MENTION] I second you.3ds's are tough to draw with.+1
  6. We're Live!

    Yeah I agree, It would take away a lot of the feel. The main reason I would like it is because:A. I got it for my sister's birthday and she's to scared to play it (she's nine and a half) and she would like to play it with me.B. My other friend i got it for is a noob and I'd like to help him outC. My one friend and I have contests and it would be cool to play in each others worlds after the contests were over.
  7. Mr skits just got added!

    Well, I like mr skits, though I wish we could kill him. I also don't mind it when people bring up old threads as long as the threads are interesting and productive.
  8. Mr skits just got added!

    but dead threads are so sad!!
  9. Not from my steam, it says dead island is #5
  11. Well, sorry for necro posting, but Id like to state my side in this dead argument..if you're any sort of respectable coder your desktop will look like a piece of trash.
  12. you would only have to rewrite a fourth to a third of the game. Don't exgagerate.
  13. The game wouldn't have to be re-written, just all the character interactions with the world, such as, putting items into chests and taking them out, picking up items, harvesting items, etc...the first step would be to get a server to generate the world, and send it to multiple clients. Then, the next step would be to make the server send out commands, (I.E. player1 is at x 2, y 3) and then get them to do stuff
  14. again, I code, and my desktop is full of error logs, programs, art stuffs, servers, etc...He's got to be super OCD if he's got an empty desktop and is a hacker...that's all I'm sayingit's hard to code without tons of programs, and you're breaking tradition.So, if he IS a hacker, I shun him! SHAME!
  15. yes realistically! I mean it would take a few months.. but.It's very possible, I had a list for what would need to be done somewhere around here....
  16. well, yes.But, he's kinda stupid if he's a hacker and he doesn't have a desktop that looks like trash.
  17. We're Live!

    yeah, so have I, trust me, killing 4 tallbirds a day to stay alive isn't fun... and during winter... (shivers at the thought)
  18. We're Live!

    Killing the beefalo for a REASON makes me sad....I wish we weren't so reliant on the beefalo...
  19. We're Live!

    (don't mean to start an argument, just making sure I win it b4 it's started.)but you stated it like multiplayer was never going to happen and multiplayer would ruin don't starve...Which makes it sound like you're against multiplayer, not just devs adding it...
  20. We're Live!

    well, the devs aren't going to add it...but we've been chatting on the possibilities of adding a mod.we'd only have to rewrite a good fourth of the codealong with setting up client-server interactions..and then tweaking AIand then managing extra quotesand combatand craftingand UI' it might take a while....
  21. Story time!

    well... this is a sad thread...I have no idea why I feel the need to revive dead threads...they make me sad...
  22. Story time!

    well, at least we revived the thread.even if it was using totally off-topic messages...yep.I feel like I should post a story..