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  1. ding dong I'm back on the forums

    Having used some subpar game forums as of late, i forgot how great the Klei ones are.

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    2. minespatch


      No idea what you're talking about man.

    3. goldfish911


      yeah, i realize I may have been wrong


    4. goldfish911


      I think you started following me first in that case


  2. I should probably change my name to Lord Hiatus at this rate

  3. Yee! I get to be a colorist for the trailer for Invader Zim:The Doom Movie!

  4. The one artist I found hasn't responded to me in several weeks. Fiddlesticks.

  5. Of course, after I end up losing my only mod artist,I can't find another one because "Creeps in the Deeps" is stealing the show.

    1. InaneDugong


      :< I'd offer my services if I had anything to offer. Best of luck finding a new artist, fish.

    2. goldfish911


      I think I found one...but he hasn't gotten back to me yet...after I told him to get back to me and he'd be in on the project :p

  6. The one day I actually end up managing to put my mind up to modding, turns out Don't Starve on steam is broken. Ugh.

  7. Note to self-when in doubt, save.

  8. AAAAND I am now aout to rip my hair out because it seems not only do I not understand how art assets work, but one of the animations stopped compiling.UGH.

  9. My modding time has come AGAIN!!

    1. InaneDugong
    2. goldfish911


      I know, right! EngineCogs made some jamming concept art today and I can't wait to see how it looks ingame!

  10. Nyeh, it only runs on windows, see?

  11. You still change your status A TON! I suppose you're almost always on the forums now if that's the case? Also, yae.

    1. InaneDugong


      Who? What? You know you can just pm this person-in-question with these rhetorical questions?

  12. What's on my mind? How to make a decent Let's Play for DS.

  13. I am stuck with almost no internet and am infuriated by it!

    1. InaneDugong


      Ye, happens. Happens a lot in Aus, at least...

  14. I need to break out of my modding hiatus and get a move on!

    1. InaneDugong


      I find giving up easier, but up to you.

  15. I will currently be held back a bit on my modding progress, due to finals at my school being in the coming week, and they must be studied for.