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  1. Can you tell me how exactly return inst? I'm not really good at understanding some things in lua.
  2. Can someone help me with this? Anyway I added a bunch of things from the crookpot in the prefab but the game closes as soon as I load my save. The log.txt says there's an error with in function 'customfn'.Anyway, here's the things I added: local fn = function(inst) -- choose which sounds this character will play inst.soundsname = "wx78" -- a minimap icon must be specified inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "wx78.png" ) -- todo: Add an example special power here. inst:AddComponent("firebug") inst.components.firebug.prefab = "willowfire" = 0 = 0.7 inst.components.eater.ignoresspoilage = true * 1.5 ) inst.components.hunger:SetMax(TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER * 1.5 ) inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 1.5 inst.components.temperature.inherentinsulation = 30*12 inst:AddTag("fridge") --crockpot inst:AddComponent("stewer") inst.components.stewer.onstartcooking = startcookfn inst.components.stewer.oncontinuecooking = continuecookfn inst.components.stewer.oncontinuedone = continuedonefn inst.components.stewer.ondonecooking = donecookfn inst.components.stewer.onharvest = harvestfn inst:AddComponent("container") inst.components.container.itemtestfn = itemtest inst.components.container:SetNumSlots(4) inst.components.container.widgetslotpos = slotpos inst.components.container.widgetanimbank = "ui_cookpot_1x4" inst.components.container.widgetanimbuild = "ui_cookpot_1x4" inst.components.container.widgetpos = Vector3(200,0,0) inst.components.container.widgetbuttoninfo = widgetbuttoninfo inst.components.container.acceptsstacks = false inst.components.container.onopenfn = onopen inst.components.container.onclosefn = onclose inst:AddComponent("lootdropper") inst:AddComponent("workable") local light = inst.entity:AddLight() inst.Light:Enable(false) inst.Light:SetRadius(.6) inst.Light:SetFalloff(1) inst.Light:SetIntensity(.5) inst.Light:SetColour(235/255,62/255,12/255) --inst.Light:SetColour(1,0,0)endlocal widgetbuttoninfo = { text = "Cook", position = Vector3(0, -165, 0), fn = function(inst) inst.components.stewer:StartCooking() end, validfn = function(inst) return inst.components.stewer:CanCook() end,}local function itemtest(inst, item, slot) if cooking.IsCookingIngredient(item.prefab) then return true endendlocal function startcookfn(inst) --inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("cooking_loop", true) --play a looping sound inst.SoundEmitter:KillSound("snd") inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/cookingpot_rattle", "snd") inst.Light:Enable(true)endlocal function onopen(inst) --inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("cooking_pre_loop", true) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/cookingpot_open", "open") inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/cookingpot", "snd")endlocal function onclose(inst) if not then --inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_empty") inst.SoundEmitter:KillSound("snd") end inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/cookingpot_close", "close")endlocal function donecookfn(inst) --inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("cooking_pst") --inst.AnimState:PushAnimation("idle_full") --inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_cooked", "cook_pot_food", inst.components.stewer.product) inst.SoundEmitter:KillSound("snd") inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/cookingpot_finish", "snd") inst.Light:Enable(false) --play a one-off soundendlocal function continuedonefn(inst) --inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_full") --inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_cooked", "cook_pot_food", inst.components.stewer.product)endlocal function continuecookfn(inst) --inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("cooking_loop", true) --play a looping sound inst.Light:Enable(true) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/cookingpot_rattle", "snd")endlocal function harvestfn(inst) --inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_empty")end
  3. Yep, it was already suggested!
  4. Creating your own character

    I guess many of you know the crash when you beat adventure mode as a custom character.Can this be fixed by crating your own puppet? If yes then how?Or there's another way?
  5. But Bender was built that way.
  6. If you set lightning to max when generating your world, lightning strikes even if not raining.
  7. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

    Ant hives were suggested before, they are made of sand. That would go to the beach biome but until that maybe somehow smashing rocks into sand? BTW, the beach can have some sand castles to use it up.Another use for the new ores would be a new floor. Metal floors will boost your speed and sanity and because it's conductive we can make it somehow (if possible) to transport electricity from a lightning rod to an appliance!Another idea: chargeable batteries.Place it in a charger to charge the battery. The charger is powered by a lightning rod. Batteries can be used to fully charge a lightning rod or other electricity based object. When the respective object uses all the power it will give you back the empty battery to charge it back again.A new interesting weapon would be a device that shoots electric energy and runs on batteries. Can be used to charge other electric structures.Edit: After the new update WX-78 should be able to eat full batteries for a bonus. At the end he will give back the empty battery.
  8. I imagine some characters will have a special slot/s for their specific items.Wilton can have a speech inventory that opens up like a backpack and you see there the skulls to chose from.
  9. Thinking about those skulls, what if Wilton can change his personality and perks by swapping skulls?He already starts with the skulls or he can find them and every skull has the personality of the other characters!That would be cool!Can't make a fire? Change to Willow! Need to fight? Change to Wolfgang! Need a little warmth or a meat effigy? Change to Wilson and grow a beard! Your food is stale? Change to WX-78! Need to craft in adventure mode? Change to Wickerbottom! Want to play with balloons? Change to Wes!And so on.
  10. Creating your own character

    Yeah, but I want to give armor to my character, it doesn't work.
  11. Creating your own character

    Does anyone know how to add armor/damage reduction to a character? I tried this but it doesn't work: inst:AddComponent("armor") inst.components.armor:InitCondition(TUNING.ARMORWOOD, TUNING.ARMORWOOD_ABSORPTION)I looked at Willow and found = 0Could that help?
  12. Creating your own character

    Is it me or she has 4 ears? Try wearing a hat to see how many ears she has then.
  13. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

  14. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Isn't SetBank the sound? I had to leave it as it was before making it work.
  15. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

    Check this out!!Someone already did a huntable mob mod!
  16. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

    A chest that makes things rot faster! Useful for dried tea leaves, rotten eggs and of course rot.
  17. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I have questions about anim.bin found in the animation zip files.Do they require build rennamer?I tried to create a new equipable item and it doesn't show up on the ground.Edit: It also doesn't show up in hand. Only inventory image.
  18. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    How can I make it change the values of TUNING.SPOILED_HEALTH and TUNING.SPOILED_HUNGER?
  19. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    From WX78 this gives him his perk: inst.components.eater.ignoresspoilage = trueBut it's limited to food that didn't turn into rot. Idon't know how to make rot give hunger to my character.
  20. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Hi, can someone please tell me how do I make my character eat rot without penalty and a hunger bonus?
  21. Creating your own character

    *facepalm*I don't know why but the extension was missing! Fixed!
  22. Creating your own character
  23. Creating your own character

    I already checked that and it's fine. How can I send you the rar file?EDIT: Anyway, here are the lua files:modmain prefab
  24. Creating your own character

    Can someone help?:dejection:I made a character myself and everything works except that he's invisible in the world and you can see only he's shadow. Even when equipped he looks the same.I checked those 2 things in tex creator, I used the build rennamer and I don't know what's wrong.
  25. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

    A bansheep drinking tea while riding a bear to find uvarovite during full moon!