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  1. Rare Items mod



    Do you feel like some items are harder for you to get? Wouldn't you wish for an easier way to get them? With this mod you can get rare items more often! Features Installation Chagelog Important addition! Now includes compatibility instructions with Insta Rocks and Trees mod! The modified files samples included for easier understanding or just to replace the originals. New: added basic and more loot version replacement files. Discuss this mod here
  2. Version


    That's right, Isaac entered the world of Don't Starve! Just as he was about to die, Maxwell saved him and brought him into this world, for fun. Now Isaac no longer relies on his tears, now not only monsters are a threat... Perks - Can eat spoiled food, monster meat and even rot but monster meat still drives him mad. (he had to eat dog food, raw meat and rotten food in order to survive) - Starts with a bomb and his dice (sanity boost). Installation: Unzip in your mod folder and activate in game "Isaac" and "Isaac items".
  3. BENDER! (from Futurama



    That's right, now you can play as your favorite robot and role model! Has a complete new speech and equipped with a chemical engine to survive on other matter than alcohol. Perks: - 40% Dolomite (more resistant to damage, can't burn, supports low temperatures, stronger) - can act like a fridge. Installation: Extract to mods folder and activate in game. Enjoy, meatbag!
  4. End the Prejudge!

    The other thread has already 5 pages and this one just one page!We should spam some more here!
  5. End the Prejudge!

    Also a little story. The peacock spider video is so funny!Did you know that daddy-longlegs isn't a spider but another type of arachnid called the Opiliones? There are more types of arachnids than spiders, scorpions or ticks. Here's more info about the other arachnids:
  6. End the Prejudge!

    Agreed!IRL spiders are more afraid of us then people are of them.Arachnophobia is just absurd because spiders aren't that dangerous.
  7. The "Don't Starve Logic" Compendium/Compilation

    You can store more things in your pockets than in your backpack.
  8. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    How can you make your character be able to finish adventure mode and be put on the throne?Does this have to do with animations or the puppet.lua/maxwellthrone.lua?
  9. Grabs on his nuts but just what ifIt was never meant it was just an accident
  10. But, but! I ain't done yetIn football the quarterback yells out hutt-hutt
  11. Creating your own character

    It's silly to just give up because of some strings! xDSome abilities would be harder.
  12. Is it worth killing mosquitoes?
  13. Creating your own character

    Spotted! A " misses in"WHY YOU RUNNIN'?'Check across all strings to spot missing "s. A single missing one will crash your game!
  14. Creating your own character

    I don't see what's wrong. Can you show me your error log?
  15. Creating your own character

    You forgot to putSTRINGS.CHARACTERS.DUF.DESCRIBE.EVERGREEN = {} before the evergreen quotes.
  16. The "Don't Starve Logic" Compendium/Compilation

    If you stay in the dark you get attacked by Charlie but it's okay to sleep without a light source nearby using the tent or strawroll.
  17. Creating your own character

    What's sure is sure. Try using the example I used for my characters, like this:STRINGS.CHARACTERS.DUF.ANNOUNCE_EAT = {}STRINGS.CHARACTERS.DUF.ANNOUNCE_EAT.GENERIC = "Delicious~"STRINGS.CHARACTERS.DUF.ANNOUNCE_EAT.PAINFULL = "Oooo... My stomach hurts..."STRINGS.CHARACTERS.DUF.ANNOUNCE_EAT.SPOILED = "Ugh, why did I eat that..?"STRINGS.CHARACTERS.DUF.ANNOUNCE_EAT.STALE = "Disgusting!"
  18. Creating your own character

    Did you used the build renamer? I heard it messes up your build but manual renaming should do the trick.You will need a hex editor, like HxD for example.There you rename and write the number of characters in hexadecimals.
  19. How many spare shirt does Wolfgang have?
  20. The "Don't Starve Logic" Compendium/Compilation

    A few frogs can easily kill clockwork robots.
  21. Offense is the best defense.
  22. There are 3 bars in the game: the heart, the stomach and the brain.What are they supposed to represent?
  23. 1.Grab the doorknob.2.Pull the door open. 3.Step inside. 4.Close the door behind you. (optional) But most likely you will be kicked out.
  24. A ghost spawned. What should I do, fight it or run away?
  25. The "Don't Starve Logic" Compendium/Compilation

    Pigs and merms live in houses smaller than your basic camp.Insects and birds can stays indefinitely in your inventory without dying of starvation.