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  1. Episode 9: http-~~-//
  2. Episode 8: http-~~-//
  3. Episode 7: http-~~-//
  4. Episode 6: http-~~-//
  5. Episode 5: http-~~-//
  6. Episode 4: http-~~-//
  7. [MENTION=6885]Dathrick[/MENTION] Haha thanks, also I did monetize but unforutanetly I have to wait 30 days after becoming a YT partner thingy to add custom thumbnails! The language wasn't intentional, guess I just didn't feel the need to swear that episode? Yeah I moved the microphone further away from my face so thanks a ton for that! I also am in the means of making a better ending just haven't finished it yet will definitely get that done ASAP! . And haha hopefully If i do, i wont .
  8. Episode 3: http-~~-//
  9. Episode 2: [MENTION=6885]Dathrick[/MENTION]Yeah I did do that in Episode 2 but I played for 40 minutes straight, and then cut the episodes in half - so I didn't really think I should play for 20 minutes stop do an ending and then start again straight after :s.
  10. [MENTION=6885]Dathrick[/MENTION] Thank's a lot, i'll definitely try and move my microphone away from my face as much as possible! Some reason after I edited the video black bars appeared on the sides, top and bottom so sorry for that and about the breathing and sniffling - I'm currently a tad ill sorry for that aha! I also didn't want to bother for a introduction or ending since this is my first video and didn't want to bother wasting time if my doing Lets plays wasn't going to take me anywhere!Sorry about my language although I'd rather be the person I actually am and swear rather than trying not to swear and not enjoying myself while making these Lets Plays .I'll definitely check your channel out and thanks a lot for the feedback!
  11. Hey guys, I've started a new let's play of Don't Starve on my channel, this is my first Lets Play ever! So suggestions and positive criticism would be extremely appreciated from me! I've watched like a 5-10 minute video on Don't Starve before doing a semi-blind lets play on it!So here's Episode 1: