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  1. I really liked the Walter character but I think his abilities must be more special . So here's my ideas. *is schisophrenic * has an imaginary friend First ability means that he has lower maximum sanity and always halutinates (even though they're not hostile).Also there is 50% chance that sleeping will reduce his sanity. He also has special tab called Creativity . Building anything from it will increase his sanity . Second ability means that when he looses 25% of his sanity a friendly halutination emerges and stays with him till it dies .It's name is Mr. Weed and it looks like a weed with a top hat . Walter can talk with it and give it tasks such as carrying a lantern or harvesting.Mr. Weed is week at combat and can only attack halutinations . Also it has 3 slots.Also it talks to Walter and gives funny notes about what's happening. So what do you think will it do? Irontaco