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  1. Don't starve Dance Cartoon

    Holy cheesecake riding a broom!This is friggin' awesome *______________________*
  2. Hello there, people! Well, there isn't much to say actually~ I love Don't Starve, I love Wilson, I love what you can do, I love drawing. Combine those things and it's not hard to see what will happen x3 Anyways, I will combine the comic I'm drawing on with single pictures I might add another time, to avoid opening another thread...since I have no idea if that would make sense anyway. Any new update with the story will be shown in the starting-post and its own spoiler. I don't know how regulary I will be able to update but...hey; the first three pages (cover and introduction) are in color x'D Hope you'll have fun guys~ Oh, and when you find a (NEW), there's one or more updates in that section :3 Comic (NEW) Chapter 1 (NEW) General Fan-Art (NEW) Sketches (NEW)
  3. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    HM.....I dunno Maxwell doesn't seem to be the one who does armwrestling xDLOL maybe he did once, lost against Wolfgang and put him into that crazy world to make him pay XD
  4. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    the sketch is done ^^It will look different though, later Aw, yes little bunny just wants to be friends x3But for now it should just save its little butt and run like hell xD
  5. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    Well, I can certainly try Ö.Ö
  6. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    Pfft xD the next page might take longer than I wanted... I have some problem with my hand and try to avoid working, too long on drawings (Q____Q) But there are two things I wanted to ask you guys anyways: 1. Would you be interested in Livestreams, where I work on a few pages (and/or drawings of DS in general)? 2. Do you guys have drawing request? EDIT: So... my hand doesn't really got better so far but...whatever, I won't stop drawing because of that... So the page shouldn't take too long now. So for now I just throw in a work in progress for a random pciture...and well: I'm one of the persons who enjoys insane Wilson a BIT to much.
  7. I am prettiest princess!

    [MENTION=14041]Warden[/MENTION] either you like it or not?Plus, you didn't even wait for my approval to use it, but just did it right away, so wtf?
  8. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    You guys will se soon enough x3 The rough layout of the next page is already done; just need to do the clean lineart :3 Oh and....well just for the lulz: (I just couldn't resist when I saw this post:!&p=120499&viewfull=1#post120499 )
  9. I am prettiest princess!

  10. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    Hehe x3 Here's page 2 :3 Introducing a little jackalope Ö^ö
  11. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    I know, but I can't edit something that's not there xDAnd my starting-post was missing, so I also couln't edit it :3 ?And thanks to you all, I never got so many nice comments on something I drew in such a shorttime aswell OTL *crys tears of joy*I will have to work today and most likely tomorrow, so I don't know when the next page will be readybut I'll try my best ^_^
  12. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    Lol thanks xD That's the one I might redraw, btw x3 Also, I now present the new page of the comic, since now the starting-post is fixed again :3
  13. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    EDIT:Whey, the starting-post is back <3I have no idea if it was a bug or if someone helped with it, soI just say thanks anyway, and duh x'D
  14. Crazy_Leen's comics and other pics

    Hnnnnn, omg you guys are so kind, thank you QwQ~<3 I'm drawing the first page of the first chapter right now :3 I will update it today...maybe in an hour or so. But meanwhile: Have a sketch of Don't Starve stuff I doodled at work today x3 One or two of those pics might be redrawn sometime.
  15. Pawprints of a starving artist

    Ohhhh, I like the pics : DI love how you drew Wendy (and Abigale) <3