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  1. I'll take a bite also' My avatar: No specifications from me other than make him look evil , just a big ol' thank you if you can.
  2. A tall bird deleted my save file... NOOOO!! I should've ate the fluffy bastard.June 13
  3. This guy is too cool for school. Whats a school again?

  4. Those eyes are amazing, they tell you what you want to hear without words, now thats some freakishly awesome art. :wilson_bearded:Also, anybody think Willow looks a little bit like Chell from Portal 1/2?
  5. Innovative, colorful.. different. It's fantastic.
  6. Day 48, my longest lasting run, was going into the swamp unaware of my low durability armor, saw the reed item set and went to pick some.. 30 tentacles popped up, broke my armor and sealed my doom.