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  1. I use template_player_character as base and, um. I don't really understand how to correct build.bin, in Notepad ++ it looks like [this]...Maybe I should try to took one of the character skins as base too and remake it all, using that character build.bin?..Thanks for the response!

    You don't need to open the build.bin with Notepad++, use Handsome Matt's Build.Bin renamer.

  2. completely different scenarios. I'm sure you know by now the reason games like that aren't updated. (hint: It's all microsoft's fault)

    That and the porters.

    - - - Updated - - -

    On second thought, I hope they have a seperate team for the PS4 for porting it, that way both things can come out on there own time.

    Or, maybe they can find a way they can code for PS4 AND PC, without needing to like, convert code and all. Like, at the worst, they'll make it work for the PS4 controller. Though, that WOULD be cool to see on the PC version...

  3. it's not all about fan base you know... it's just the fact, even though I have xbox... etc etc, I would never play DS on any other platforms other than PC, even if it came out on others, even if it was free, I'd always play on PC, in my opinion, think it should remain a PC game, it just won't feel the same otherwise, of course we all have different opinions.

    I dunno, some people just can't get a good computer. You may say that Don't Starve isn't that powerful, but some people can still have trouble with it. Also, I SHOULD mention, the PS4 DOES have keyboard and mouse controls as well.

  4. I must admit, I am slightly disappointed. Now this game might end up being considered main-stream. People will keep talking about it and being completely stupid. Also people are now definitely going to call it a Minecraft clone due to it appearing on a console. Oh well, I'll just try to ignore it. Somehow.

    Just because a game becomes Mainstream doesn't make it automatically bad. Yes, some people will bash it, but to hell with them, some people will now be able to play the game and the fanbase will grow.