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  1. where's the update?????????????????
  2. I have an Intel HD Graphics in my laptop and the game runs really fine here. You can try this if you're insecure: http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyriPS.: I've tried the test above and my video card had failed only because of video RAM. If yours give the same result, don't worry, the game may run without problems.
  3. Forum crushes

    I like [MENTION=3998]sirmentlegen[/MENTION]. He's cool with all his bacon.
  4. May 13th Build

    Just to distinguish the playable character from the non-playable.
  5. Q: What's the point of night light?A: None.
  6. Mr skits just got added!

    There is nothing wrong with that, they just want to contribute someway.
  7. Release Candidate!

    I honestly think, after reading the final text at the very end of adventure, that is going to be more things to explain and construct the story in release and after that.
  8. Release Candidate!

    My theory about Maxwell was right! Also, the end is amazing. Congratulations, guys!Just to add, would be cool if you put the video about the origin of Don't Starve in the game, just for a better understandable story.
  9. Release Candidate!

    Oh, my! Poor Kevin... I'm gonna try adventure right now.
  10. Release Candidate!

    But the ending story is ok without it? I want to finish the adventure, but I'm afraid that the end isn't complete.
  11. Ta-na-na-nan... SURPRISE!
  12. Same here. And there is a button on the main menu called "cheats".
  13. Just exit the program and open it again. x)
  14. Have you tried restarting Steam?
  15. Not yet. Afternoon barely started.
  16. Chests can only be put (much, at least than before) away from each other. We need lots of space to have 3 chests in a base, for example.
  17. Looks like we'll have to cheat to have chests together.
  18. And what about the chests placement, [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION]? It is supposed to be like it is now?
  19. I honestly want Klei to read more players like the OP, instead of the I-don't-work-I-don't-do-anything-I-live-to-play-videogames-so-I-want-it-as-hard-as-possible dudes. All the bullcraps that want to ruin the game makin' it almost a Contra in terms of difficulty just get me (and I think that all the community too) pissed off.
  20. Maxwell traps

    No, it really exists.
  21. Birdcage OP

    Reed is only findable in the swamps. I don't look to it soon as I start the game and, actually, I don't think that most of the players do it. Gold is needed for some more important purposes and isn't that abundant if you don't know where is the pig king. And, finally, the eggs~monster meat relation exists since the cage had been released, as I was informed. The rain update only added one more use to eggs (the gunpowder).
  22. Birdcage OP

    Think: I sacrifice time, strategies and HP to win a simple monster meat. Ok, ~sometimes (hounds, i.e.)~ it comes kinda "free", but whatever. Then, I spend resources (resources that isn't cheap, at least for me in the game beggining) to make something that allows me to eat that thing without lose HP and die. Worth? OP? And most of the players doesn't know about that cage feature. I didn't know untill some weeks ago.Personally, I think that the bird rejecting the meat after some tryings is a good idea and the best solution for that discussion.
  23. Birdcage OP

    Just because this game isn't [only] for pros. It is for casuals.