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  1. The same thing with glommer happened to me too. I was Wolfie running to Pig king with Chester full of goodiegoods, right before full moon to pimp him out a bit. I ended up loosing him on the brickroad from base, and he was nowhere to be found, until I went allllll the way back to base where he still was instead of trying to get to me.
  2. So, I'm not sure if this goes here or not, but I have found a problem with the vote system it seems, The Dice roll works just fine, but it seems like the Reset, and Rollback buttons do nothing at all. Literally nothing happens when I(Or someone else) tries to do a vote, and this is on Klei's official servers at that. Before the last update it did work just fine, but now it simply isn't working.
  3. Manure goes in, Pleated shirts goes out
  4. Dude..You forgot the tentacles. There must always be too many tentacles..
  5. PSA: NeverEVER /Wave as Survivor Maxwell! Do NOT open this Spoiler:
  6. This. These new trees look like something out of... I dunno, but not DS. Their form and colour is just so out of place.
  7. In due dnak taim, GuddyGiy, Big Wood-ie is up next it seems! Indeed! That's what I said aswell (I'm working on it ;D)
  8. She's not that much of a typing person to be honest, but i'll see what I can do Here you go! And as I said, there's more to come eventually
  9. Thank you both, now I can die in peace! (Sorry I didn't want to go that much Off topic)
  10. I so want to see those in his Wimpy form. Some day i'm going to make a Luigi Wolfie and just run around being wimpy
  11. Indeed! I can't wait myself to see what she has in store for the other characters
  12. So, I just recently made my special someone enter the portal to the mysterious world of Science and Magic (After a few weeks of nagging) And she really fell in love with the art-style! She has set herself a goal to redraw all of the DS crew in her own realistic style with their Don't starvy traits. Here we one of many more drawings to come!
  13. One cannot simply ignore a VB reference! (Sorry, Grand Galactic Inquisitor..)