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  1. Welp, I won't be eating Flower Salad any time soon. Currently the crockpot doesn't let you put cactus flowers in it, so that recipe is impossible right now.
  2. Autumn's Danger

    Something different would be nice. Wind sounds difficult to design in a way that's meaningful yet not too frustrating. I guess tornadoes would be one way to go about it.
  3. I'm okay with decaying clothing, but the cost + duration on some/most of the items could stand to be a lot more generous to the player. The feather hat, for instance, is irrelevant in its current state.
  4. You are a much better player than I am going by your report, but there's one other healing item that's worth keeping an eye out for: Blue Mushrooms. Put down signposts next these (especially patches of several) and collect them with a torch at night.
  5. Which level did you play? The Game is Afoot. How would you rate your Don’t Starve skill: Beginner, Moderate, or Expert Moderate. Did you end the level by teleporting or by dying, and at how many days Died like a chump on day 11, 12, 13 or 14. What was the most challenging aspect of the level? (Think about resources, enemies, light and sanity, food, shape of the world, etc...) There was almost no grass. Or there was, but 95% of it was permanently cut! What did you have the most fun with in this particular level? What was the coolest part? The start, being dropped into Winter with nothing and trying to find the means to build fire. If this had been insurmountable, I would likely have found this infuriating instead. What was your overall strategy for beating the level? Did you change or adapt the strategy as the level went on? 1) I tried to explore rapidly for the first few days and built two different stone campfires. 2) Survival seemed manageable enough so I settled in and started base building like a sandbox game. 3) I noticed that although Winter had passed, the grass tufts were not growing back so I panicked and charged into a very dangerous swamp set-piece to see if there was grass elsewhere. Dozens of tentacles brought me down. And of course if you have any other comments on the overall play and feeling of the level, fire away! The "no grass" variation of this level (and this is a cruel non-standard variation, isn't it?) seems incredibly harsh when unexpected. Maybe it isn't? If I was two days out from all of it popping out of the ground at once, then okay, but it seemed to be gone forever.
  6. Birdcage OP

    I agree with the OP here. A massive bird farm would look really strange. I'd like to see a more drastic response: make birds refuse monster meat.
  7. Fix the hammer

    I completely agree with the OP.