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  1. I hope the Aliens are just a april fools thing love your mod otherwise. A Quest system from pigs etc would be great. ie. Kill the spider dens nearby. Get me a miners helmet. Pig King quest would be harder and etc.
  2. You magnificent modder, are there any estimates for DLC support? =) I love this mod. It makes me enjoy Don't Starve. The other option is local coop
  3. I love Waldo! Any chance for a update? I love afros by the way, as you can see in my avatar Just by name your my favourite modder, your mods are also amazing!
  4. Are you going to update to RoG? Please Please? ;] love your mod by the way
  5. How are you getting on with DLC compatibility? I crashed to desktop with these mods: Display Food Values SmartCrockPot Always On Status Rare Mob Drops 2.6 RPG Mod Mushroom and reed spawners Manual Workshop update Minimap HUD RPG HUD More Realistic Honey T.A.P for RoG and RPG HUD