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  1. Queen of the Merms? (Her name is Linda, Bonus points if you know where from)
  2. We live in a Democracy, you live under a tyrant.
  3. The merms can communicate, you pig lovers just can't understand them. Our diet has plenty of fish in it and everybody knows fish makes you smart. And merms are much tougher then pigs, they will in the most inhospitable place and still are the boss in those parts.
  4. Cause merms don't give bacon like pigs. Just another reason to kill the pigs.
  5. Deal with it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6487[/ATTACH]
  6. Not to mention Merms live in swamps and survive off killing tentacle as a living. That's badass. Also if you join the merms they will ally themselves with you just like the pigs. But pigs won't help you anymore and will attack you on site. And vise verse.
  7. I want YOU to join the cause. The pigs and the merms have been in a bloody war for decades. Both forces have their made their home throughout the wild and unforgiving isles. Countless casualties have met their end in battle and their heads have been mounted on pikes in each village of their counterpart. The tension has risen, troops gather, and weapons are readied. This war is coming to an end soon, but who will be the victor. It is up to YOU to decide who wins and loses. Battles will be fought and lives will be lost, so you better be ready when you sign up for the pigs or the merms.