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  1. I went on the Volcano for the first time. Everything was fine. But when I left, Abigail was not with me anymore, and her flower was back into stage 1. Some days later, I went back to the Volcano with Abigail back alive and then, as you can see on the image, two Abigails were there. I had a couple of fights, and the "fake one" died without dropping the flower. Now I'm back to normal I guess, and I haven't got this issue anymore.
  2. I captured a Cormoran with a Trawl Net , I don't know if it's supposed to happen (I was at high speed). Once I opened the net, the image of the bird was not visible, just his "freshness". As you can see on the first image, it's in my inventory. Then I was able to put it in my birdcage and feed him some meat. In the birdcage, the bird is still not visible.
  3. How to use an old meme to make a new Maxwell dnak may-may ? Use Faceswap and you'll have.. something.