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  1. Ha, even when you have infinite meat, it's still challenging to survive . Yesterday I died first day of winter because I forgot about those Pengulls - my camp was right on the shore...
  2. Maybe it has been noticed but they decided to leave it be. I think it should be up to players whether or not they want to make use of such exploits.
  3. Yeah, I imagine it makes the game much easier, especially when winter comes . I'm gonna repost it now.
  4. I don't know if it has been mentioned yet (I haven't been on the forum in a loooooong time, the same goes for playing the game...), but I think I found an exploit in the game to get infinite bunny meat. I noticed that when you pick up a bunny from a trap and then put the sleeping bunny right under the trap (almost inside it) and kill it quickly, the killed bunny will fall into the trap and be treated as a new, live bunny. I checked it a few times before and it works every time. So, in a way, you can have your bunny and eat it, too . I personally don't like and don't use exploits and found this one by accident, but if any of you wants to try it - by all means, do. Oh, of course you'll need traps and they expire, so maybe the meat is not so infinite...