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  1. I would love it if Klei added some pirates, or bandits, any hostile humaniods that could build their own bases on islands,and maybe raid your base trying to steal supplies from your chests. Once you have a base established the only thing that really threatens you are dog attacks, and the bosses. Nothing else is of any real threat to you unless you engage it first, but its normally only for resources/food. If there was enemy base building in the game, it would add so much more to the game, then you can gear up and raid enemy bases for their resources, as well as defending your own base from being raided. Also, feels odd to get hound attacks when playing SW, you're on a tiny island and you hear dogs growling coming towards you, but from where? I doubt the hounds are smart enough to have built boats and sail the seas just to get killed. Once you have a fortified base, enough sticks/grass/berry bushes planted around and farms etc., and you have everything, there's no real reason to ever leave your base. Usually around day 100 whenever i played RoG constantly thats when i get bored because i have enough resources stockpiled to last me forever. TL:DR. Game needs more hostile enemies that engage you, in order to make staying alive much more difficult forcing you to constantly have to defend yourself and your base and keeping your resources. The seasons shouldnt be the only threat.
  2. If i could give out a random award to whomever i choose,for reasons i made up. Klei Entertainment would get it for sure. **** EA,and all those big name developers who release poor console ports,and games with terrible endings.
  3. Would it be possible to tie together both hunger,and thirst? like for example some fruits should increase both hunger,and very small amount of thirst,where as like meats increase alot of hunger,but lower your thirst. something like that i think would tie in nicely