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  1. Huh, I'm missing the hermit_bundle prefab since the Forgotten Knowledge update (I think? It was fine before that, I got the Crabby Hermit's pearl in a playthrough before FK) and I thought this would fix it. :< I haven't been able to help Pearl because the game keeps crashing when trying to find a prefab that it's just not there for some reason. Yes, I verified the integrity of the game's files through steam. Yes, I've reinstalled a million times. Yes, it's making me go insane. NEVERMIND. I figured out what was causing it. I feel so dumb LMAO.
  2. When you open a Fridge the game crashes. Wat.
  3. Genial xD Aunque algunos chistes de juegos de palabras en inglés se perderán, pero igualmente, gracias.