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  1. Sorry to write here, but I have one idea that will not replace Unicode, but it will give users the ability to play in their language.Representatives of Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Upper and nizhneluzhitskogo, Hungarian, Romanian. Ukrainian, Belarusian, Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian,please contact me, unless there are any, I will try to help you run your tongue in the game
  2. In our Russian community of about 3.5 thousand people, the benefits may not be, but it's worth itfor 2-3 days, I do the translation, at the moment I have 26% translated
  3. I would like to translate this great game into Russian, but I suspect that Russian, not in ascii can I use other fonts? or are in any other ways to transfer?