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  1. [MENTION=55881]yummi[/MENTION] Congrats friend! Seems you've gotten a new status. Also, this art threads kinda dying down, so I have a request as an icon for your approval - WX-78 with lightning? :3
  2. lmfao. Fantastic, mostly the shading. And yeah, they look to be great friends!
  3. RP Character Name: AurozithRace: Pale, Half elven, half human.Looks Like: Tall and lanky, has woven-robes that are all knocked up. Long hair reaches down to the bottom of his neck and is a dark brownish color.Backstory: Told by his elf-village that he was not welcome, Woe ventured into the forests to find an odd machine. It seemed to allure him and so he walked into the strange vortex into dark.Personality: Slightly bi-polar, high intellect.Ability: Fast, has an odd "twig" that can cast simple healing spells. Randomly during a conversation if he doesn't agree with something he will grow into a rage.
  4. I love this! And you were spot on with WX78.
  5. Neat idea. The expression makes me think he's from regular show
  6. "Why, I am the one and only Wilson Percival Higgsbury! Say, who is this fellow, "Maxwell", you speak of?" Wilson asked, a curious look on his face.
  7. "Whaat?" Wilson said, a confused look crossing his face. As he looked around more, he saw others scattered around him. "Where am I? I was ju--," He stopped. "I can't remember what I was doing. Did you bring me here? We seem to be in deep wilderness!"
  8. Non RP related:a few things...i havent appeared yet. that was wilson
  9. The grass was a hue of saturated green as the hot and humid air trickled upon the trees, making them sway. Sky a dark blue, the color you may see in the water, was cloudy and cloaked a circular golden glow that was the sun. A group of large berry bushes hid the abundance of active bee-hive colonies, the bees being shown as large and highly threatening to whom-ever was to challenge them. Outlandish flowers scattered around covered the small octet that inhabited this land. Wilson: I was in a daze as I noticed the oddly dark sky moving overhead, storm clouds informing me that poor weather was soon ahead. My ears were ringing, and all I could hear was two sentences of a odd, dark yet calming voice tell me in a foolish tone; "Say pals, you don't look so good. Better find something to eat before night comes!". The first thing to escape my dry mouth was a mumble until I shot up, a cold sweat forming around my body. I looked around more, to find some flowers and bushes with Red berries. I was not in my shack! And where did I hear that voice.. so familiar.
  10. I'm good at describing scenes of nature, maybe we start with the setting and a dash of time?
  11. I'll go for Wendy since I'm good at portraying depression or sadness. If you want, I'll type what she says in GOLD.