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  1. How can i install this mod. Replacing the files or how? Ty in advance.
  2. I would only install this mod to see his dialogues. i'm sure i will laugh so hard at those xD Thank you, man
  3. It works fine for me but i have an issue... It seems like the mod makes my inventory larger. well not the inventory itself (i have the same number of slots on it), its just the frame (the wood-like frame the inventory has) and its just horizontally not vertically. I dont know how important is this but I play the game in fullscreen, 1920x1080 pixels, HUD size 5 Sorry If i didnt explain it as well as i want but i dont speak english and thats the best i can at the moment. BTW I hope you can find a solution... Thank you for the nice mod
  4. Guys, im working in a proyect for my animation class and i want to do an animation with the don't starve style so i was thinking in frame by frame to make the movement of my own characters. The question is: Can u help me with some images or drawings of wilson and pigmen/or merms walking (Maybe frames of a video where they are walking)????This would be awesome and would help me a lot with my proyect.Thanks you in advance for your time. I hope u can help me
  5. 120 or so (single sitting of 10 hours i think)Of course, i was using straw rolls and tents (stupid winter) xD
  6. Lets see. Only creatures that u can one-hit with a boomerang are rabbits, bird, butterflies(kinda imposible in real life). A gobbler needs 2 hits. Spider at least 4 (3 with wolfgang)My point is that i dont think boomerang is OP since u can only get morsels from rabbits and birds and for me this dont worth it. I craft boomerang only to attack some animals like gobblers or koalefant (sometimes even bosses when they de-aggro me and im trying to lead them to my traps)Maybe a good solution would be give to rabbits and birds some evasion rate maybe 25% so we can miss them sometimes. And fix the butterfly thing. It would be fair enough for me. Well actually i dont care at all LOL
  7. 4 honey = Taffy... so helpful to keep your sanity up