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  1. Guys, I found the eye bone and chester didn't appear, anyways, I kept the eye bone in my inventory so that if he come I can see him, chester spawns after 4 days if he is killed so I waited 7 days after picking up the eye bone, I gave up and thought that I will drop the bone in my base and wait till an update comes fixing this issue but when I clicked it to move it on the ground, HE FINALLY CAME! I can finally store S**T LOADS OF RABBITS MORSELS FROM THE EVIL RABBITS AND ACTUALLY MOVE THEM WITH ME SO THAT I CAN EAT RAW BLOODY MORSELS ANYTIME!! So, keep the eye bone in your inventory and try clicking on it (Holding it with your mouse) and wait, if it doesn't work, I guess you should wait like me (8 days) and hold the eye bone using the mouse, tell me if it works