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  1. Adam, The Fearless - Giants and Hats!

    This mod adds the character Adam Connor to your Don't Starve experience.
    He´s "brave", and though guy, so he's designed for melee combat, or more like, to last LONGER in combat by taking less damage, both physicall damage and mental damage. He's not designed to have an advantage in sanity, so I gave him a fear to darkness, also he has a bigger appetite than most of the other characters.
    Perhaps his most interesting feature that, while playing as him, enemies will sometimes drop EGO, with wich he can "create" a range of weapons, armor, and hats, the more difficult the fight, the more EGO he gets (stronger enemies drop more EGO), EGO gear is divided by sets, you can easily tell a set from other by theyr colors, each set of EGO gear is especially useful in certain situation, and is focused in a specific aspect of the game, and some work better together than others.
    Also you gonna have a bad time during winter, if not properly prepared for it, because of the longer night, and his high weakness to freezing damage.
    All this as an attempt to keep him balanced.
    His stats are the following:
    * Health: 150
    * Hunger: 180
    * Sanity: 180
    -- POSITIVE --
    * Gets EGO from fighting with wich he can create epic gear.
    * 20% Damage Mitigation.
    * 50% Insanity Resistance (From monsters).
    * Has an extra inventory slot for storing EGO.
    -- NEGATIVE --
    * 50% Higher Hunger Rate.
    * 40% Insanity Weakness (From night)
    * x2 Freezing Damage. (I initially wanted him to actually freeze faster, if somebody can help me with this... um, it'll be great I guess).
    * Freezes faster.
    All info you need about EGO gear is in the references at the end of this page and in the mod folder.
    Download, test, and let me know what you think in the comments section.
    Have fun! And try to not kill him too often, I worked hard on him.
    * Possibly more EGO gear.
    * Update for DLC compatibility.
    * Summonable hound companion of some sorts (concept not ready).
    * Increased defense when low on HP.
    * Berseek mode when low on sanity.
    * Faster freezing, rather than more freezing damage/nerfed insulators .
    * Don't Starve hates this mod and may refuse to load it properly, force enable it and it will work fine. Guaranteed.
    * Special thanks to queek for the auto-ego-pickup-code.
    * Special thanks to TheDanaAddams for her useful guide to character creation.
    * Special thanks to jimmeh57 and JackSlender for they'r help with the knockback resistance code.
    * Three pieces of EGO gear equiped at the same time will make you absurdly OP.
    * The BigPortrait is a master piece, don't judge it.