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  1. how do you download a mod I have a windows 7 laptop. I download mods from the mod section and it goes to my download file and then I open it but after that I have no idea what to do next.....

    Standalone version goes in (default) "C:\Program Files (x86)\dont_starve\mods\"; Steam version goes in (default) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods"; Chrome version does not support modding.Just unzip the [ModName] folder to the "[...]\mods" folder and run the game. UuU

  2. Ok, that works for tinting everything; how would I go about making it a variable?Such as:

    container.widgetbgimagetint.r,container.widgetbgimagetint.g,container.widgetbgimagetint.b, container.widgetbgimagetint.a
    Putting part of containerwidget.lua into modmain.lua works the way I want it to; but I would prefer something that didn't overwrite whole bits of game code. :/
    local function TintingPostInit(inst)	GLOBAL.ContainerWidget.Open = function(self, container, doer)		self:Close()		if container.components.container.widgetbgatlas and container.components.container.widgetbgimage then			self.bgimage:SetTexture( container.components.container.widgetbgatlas, container.components.container.widgetbgimage )		end    		if container.components.container.widgetanimbank then			self.bganim:GetAnimState():SetBank(container.components.container.widgetanimbank)		end    		if container.components.container.widgetanimbuild then			self.bganim:GetAnimState():SetBuild(container.components.container.widgetanimbuild)		end        		if container.components.container.widgetpos then			self:SetPosition(container.components.container.widgetpos)		end			if container.components.container.widgetbuttoninfo then			self.button = self:AddChild(GLOBAL.AnimButton("button_small"))			self.button:SetPosition(container.components.container.widgetbuttoninfo.position)			self.button:SetText(container.components.container.widgetbuttoninfo.text)			self.button:SetOnClick( function() container.components.container.widgetbuttoninfo.fn(container, doer) end )			self.button:SetFont(GLOBAL.BUTTONFONT)			self.button:SetTextSize(35)			self.button.text:SetVAlign(GLOBAL.ANCHOR_MIDDLE)			self.button.text:SetColour(0,0,0,1)				if container.components.container.widgetbuttoninfo.validfn then				if container.components.container.widgetbuttoninfo.validfn(container, doer) then					self.button:Enable()				else					self.button:Disable()				end			end		end				self.isopen = true		self:Show()    		if self.bgimage.texture then			self.bgimage:Show()		else			self.bganim:GetAnimState():PlayAnimation("open")		end	    		self.onitemlosefn = function(inst, data) self:OnItemLose(data) end		self.inst:ListenForEvent("itemlose", self.onitemlosefn, container)		self.onitemgetfn = function(inst, data) self:OnItemGet(data) end		self.inst:ListenForEvent("itemget", self.onitemgetfn, container)			local num_slots = math.min( container.components.container:GetNumSlots(), #container.components.container.widgetslotpos)			local n = 1		for k,v in ipairs(container.components.container.widgetslotpos) do				local slot = GLOBAL.InvSlot(n,"data/images/hud.xml", "inv_slot.tex", self.owner, container.components.container)			self.inv[n] = self:AddChild(slot)			slot:SetPosition(v)						-- Slot Tinting -->				if container.components.container.widgetbgimagetint then					slot.bgimage:SetTint(						container.components.container.widgetbgimagetint.r,						container.components.container.widgetbgimagetint.g,						container.components.container.widgetbgimagetint.b,						container.components.container.widgetbgimagetint.a)				end						-- Slot Tinting <--							slot:SetLeftMouseDown(function() self:ClickInvSlot(slot) end)			slot:SetRightMouseDown(function() self:RightClickInvSlot(slot) end)					local obj = container.components.container:GetItemInSlot(n)			if obj then				local tile = GLOBAL.ItemTile(obj, self)				slot:SetTile(tile)			end					n = n + 1		end		self.container = container    	endend

  3. Any idea why

    Background Tint Code
    local function classPostInit(name, postInit)	local class = GLOBAL[name]	local constructor = class._ctor	class._ctor = function (self, ...)		constructor(self, ...)		postInit(self, ...)	end	mt = GLOBAL.getmetatable(class)	mt.__call = function(class_tbl, ...)                local obj = {}                GLOBAL.setmetatable(obj, class)                if class._ctor then                        class._ctor(obj, ...)        end        return obj    endendlocal function InvSlotPostInit(self, num, bgim, owner, container)	if container.widgetbgimagetint then                self.bgimage:SetTint(                        container.widgetbgimagetint.r,                        container.widgetbgimagetint.g,                        container.widgetbgimagetint.b,                        container.widgetbgimagetint.a                )        endendGLOBAL.require "widgets/inventoryslot"classPostInit("InvSlot", InvSlotPostInit)
    doesn't work for the powers update?

  4. Alright, so once again a million pages happened while I was asleep. :U Not sure if it was gone over, but we're using ModLib right (with line blah blah link)?Also, it looks like there are a lot of versions, so maybe we should switch to something like github? (I have never used github)Edit: I can try some art editing if anyone needs it; just link me to the pics. UuU

  5. The Problem is when the running speed is increased butters always re-aggros while chasing the player which leads to a neverending chase (as long as the player isn't able to drop food to distract him).That was the reason we decided to decrease the running speed, it used to be 7.5.EDIT: I'm not sure if that is actually the case but i think if butters is aggroed the sound of a aggroed bunnyman is played. Maybe this doesn't need fixing because all sounds have to be changed to bear-sounds at the time we're able to do so.

    I have no idea...I'll play around with it a bit later to see if the running thing can be fixed.

  6. Ok, so I fixed the eating bug, and the attacking bug. (needed some lines added/uncommented in SGbear.lua)For the bee bug, maybe give temporary immunity (or health boost) while in stealing honey mode. Or higher defence vs. bees?Edit: added to the RS account UuUAlso, do anyone have any messaging program/skype/whateves to discuss this? Might be helpful as the thread tends to explode.

  7. So for taming, do you all still want the cubs, or both?(idea time: so I was thinking cubs would be 100% tameable [if you can outrun their angry parents :U], and when a tamed cub grows up, it will be a tamed bear, but if not fed has a chance to revert to a wild, untameable bear. Possibly a craft-able item you can give wild bears to tame them? Hmmm, like a meat/honey/berry thing covered in honey? Or a sleeping pill covered in honey :UTo tame a baby bear you will need to distract/put to sleep/wait till sleep? the parent.I also think a wearbear would also be fun.)Ok, well I have the basic taming code (it may need some work, since it was made to make the friendly animals kolafant tameable). Anything needed in the meantime?

  8. Man that bear is really cute (I will put in a way to tame it. Or at least, temporarily tame it :U Hmmm You feed it, and it is your friend [feed him meat to become more aggressive, fruit to become more passive/defensive, monster meat for surprises] but don't forget to feed him [once a day? or maybe more? needs to be balanced...] or he will revert back to the wild creature that he is...).

    (also jeeze I sleep and the thread explodes :U)