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  1. Hey, it's fine. :3 I made this because it's useful (and to see if I could :U).


    I'll have to upload the alt atlas tomorrow, as it's too late to thing right now. -_-


    Edit: Uggg also gonna rework the OP to work with the new forum coding.


    Edit2: Updated the OP,  separated out the versions, and added the old pighouse as an alternate atlas in the custom version.

  2. Updated to [mod], but I wasn't able to add everything since custom icons are still not enabled. :C (it may be possible to have a 1024x1024 minimap_atlas.png, but sorting out the xml for that was just not working.)


    I do, however,  have the start of a custom map atlas, so that's something to look forward to. :U


    Thank you @nailertn and @John2022 for keeping this up to date while I was away. UuU



    a. Added, but I need more room in minimap_atlas.png to make custom icons (which is why the mushrooms and walls share icons).

    b. I think the way things are rendered on the minimap, is that whatever is added last shows up on top. I'll try messing with the code to see if I can get the walls redered lower though. :U

    c. Not without replacing the vanilla icon, which I am trying to avoid. (though I'll upload a custom minimap_atlas.png with the old house).

    d. Added (but again sharing an icon).

    e. I added a couple of things (heat stone/boomerrang). When more room is available, I am planning on doing a generic hat/shirt/weapon type outlined in red.


    Sorry for not updating sooner; I've had some things come up for a bit there. UnU I'll also not be adding this to the steam workshop until custom icons are supported on the minimap, to avoid overwriting vanilla files.

  3. Bit of a bug: Going into caves kicks me back to the title screen and "erases" all saves that use the same character (remaking the save with the same character will put everything back the way it was, as far as I can tell).

    I've tried this twice with the mod enabled which did the above, and once with the mod disabled, which worked correctly.