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  1. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

    Ok, so I fixed the eating bug, and the attacking bug. (needed some lines added/uncommented in SGbear.lua)For the bee bug, maybe give temporary immunity (or health boost) while in stealing honey mode. Or higher defence vs. bees?Edit: added to the RS account UuUAlso, do anyone have any messaging program/skype/whateves to discuss this? Might be helpful as the thread tends to explode.
  2. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

    Alright I'll look at that. UuU
  3. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

    So for taming, do you all still want the cubs, or both?(idea time: so I was thinking cubs would be 100% tameable [if you can outrun their angry parents :U], and when a tamed cub grows up, it will be a tamed bear, but if not fed has a chance to revert to a wild, untameable bear. Possibly a craft-able item you can give wild bears to tame them? Hmmm, like a meat/honey/berry thing covered in honey? Or a sleeping pill covered in honey :UTo tame a baby bear you will need to distract/put to sleep/wait till sleep? the parent.I also think a wearbear would also be fun.)Ok, well I have the basic taming code (it may need some work, since it was made to make the friendly animals kolafant tameable). Anything needed in the meantime?
  4. Don't Starve SuperMod - Mod Abandoned

    So the Stuffdate? :U (been real busy with rl stuff; I'll look into doing some of the taming code in a bit hopefully)
  5. [WiP] Don't Starve SuperMod!

    You know that (sonic the) bearhog (:U) reminds me of this.Edit: Hedgehog Bear names: draenogarth (welsh - draenog arth - gtranslate), egelbeer (dutch - egel beer -gtranslate).
  6. [WiP] Don't Starve SuperMod!

    Alright, so about the bear, a audio/visual cue when he starts untaming. Something like angry eyebrows? and growling (or maybe a tame bear could have less scruffy fur, and a wild bear could be darker and more scruffy looking? though that would involve adding more art assets...).
  7. [WiP] Don't Starve SuperMod!

    Man that bear is really cute (I will put in a way to tame it. Or at least, temporarily tame it :U Hmmm You feed it, and it is your friend [feed him meat to become more aggressive, fruit to become more passive/defensive, monster meat for surprises] but don't forget to feed him [once a day? or maybe more? needs to be balanced...] or he will revert back to the wild creature that he is...). (also jeeze I sleep and the thread explodes :U)
  8. [WiP] Don't Starve SuperMod!

    Also, as this is a group effort, may I ask that everyone please comment your code! This is important, and your fellow coders/future self will thank you! Also don't be afraid to break things. Half of development is breaking things, and then trying to figure out how to make them not break (or at least hide them well enough from the end user that it doesn't matter :U).
  9. Co-op multi-player has been suggested, but how about something a little different? Why not a mod similar to the one dungeon world[?] game, where one plays the dungeon master, placing obstacles, mobs, traps, etc, and the other player has to try to survive. It would obviously have to be slower paced, but I think something like that could be really fun. UuU (and maybe it could also be melded in with the co-op mode)
  10. I figured out why it was crashing; I needed to wrap ALL of the follower.leader bits in the ifnode [...] nil. This replaces the code starting at line 62 (probably): local root = PriorityNode( { WhileNode( function() return self.inst.components.health.takingfiredamage end, "OnFire", Panic(self.inst)), ChaseAndAttack(self.inst, MAX_CHASE_TIME), SequenceNode{ FaceEntity(self.inst, GetFaceTargetFn, KeepFaceTargetFn, 0.5), RunAway(self.inst, ShouldRunAway, RUN_AWAY_DIST, STOP_RUN_AWAY_DIST) }, IfNode(function() return self.inst.components.follower.leader ~= nil end, "has leader", IfNode(function() return self.inst.components.follower.leader ~= nil end, "has leader", Follow(self.inst, function() return self.inst.components.follower.leader end, MIN_FOLLOW_DIST, TARGET_FOLLOW_DIST, MAX_FOLLOW_DIST))), --copied from pigbrain.lua IfNode(function() return self.inst.components.follower.leader ~= nil end, "has leader", WhileNode(function() return IsLeashable(self.inst) end, "Leashable", Leash(self.inst, LEASH_MAX_DIST, LEASH_RETURN_DIST))), --copied from chesterbrain.lua IfNode(function() return self.inst.components.follower.leader ~= nil end, "has leader", FaceEntity(self.inst, GetFaceTargetFn, KeepFaceTargetFn )), Wander(self.inst) }, .25)If the code is not there, and you die and resurrect, when you get out of the following distance the game will crash. I tested it to make sure it works by eating all of the monster meat. Over and over and over. :U
  11. I was bored so I tried to make it so feeding a Koalefant a veggie will make him follow you for a time. (also the silly thing spawned an annoying distance from my base) (it is following me, though admittedly that is difficult to show in a still image) \Friendly Animals\scripts\prefabs\koalefant.lua \Friendly Animals\scripts\brains\koalefantbrain.lua Edit: For more fun add: inst:AddComponent("named") inst.components.named.possiblenames = STRINGS.PIGNAMES inst.components.named:PickNewName()under local function create_base(sim). How can you harvest his delicious trunk when he has a name? You monster. Also Edit: There's still some bugs somewhere that causes a crash (having to do with the leash function possibly, or it might be that I forgot to pause the game and died while they were still followers). This: did not fix it, and it is far too late to be messing with code. UnU
  12. Hurray! I've been waiting to use this. :3Do you think it would be possible to add something to the Koalefants to make them follow you (somewhat like feeding pigs meat)?