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  1. Same here. I've explored a whole world worth of savannah and no beefalo at ALL. No droppings, infinite bunnies, though I haven't seen any trees there.I've also noticed on SOME worlds bees don't spawn.
  2. My story;First time playing. I'm asking my friend 1000 questions (he's had the game for about 5-7 days now) and I'm gathering stuff...I FINALLY find some boulders on day... Oh, about day 5. I mine it, get one piece of gold, and hold out going around for resources to make a science machine..Finally I get the resources, and my gold is gone... I also explored a savannah half the world long/high... No beefalos...Towards day 6/7, I hear this growling, and nearly mess myself... Ask my friend what it is, and get this as a responce; "run like ****."So I sort of do... But ask WHY, and he says dogs... And I'm like, "****..."I go over a small bridge-like structure, and as soon as I start chopping a tree, this... Idk even know if it's RELATED to a dog, spawns in a tree and charges me... I manage to kill it, but with really low health. THEN, here comes his brother... I die...
  3. Since the game is in beta, I don't think they will add it JUST yet until it's out of beta, but I also REALLY want multiplayer! It's a great idea!!