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  1. Infinite Clothes

    It's good to see it back up, but I was wondering; my log suit, bee keeper's hat, and other damage mitigating gear still could break with this mod on, though stuff like my flower hat were fine, is that normal?
  2. Creating your own character

    So is this update the herald of the fabled Anim tool? I really want to make a character from scratch, as well as make new bad guys, even if that sounds crazy hard or could be compared to pulling metaphorical teeth with a blow torch :3
  3. Creating your own character

    Well actually, I know I asked this before, elsewhere, but could one feasibly "move" over animations from other things? (It was thought impossible/really difficult, but we are progressing all the time, I don't know) Granted, it would by near mind-melting to work with, but its a start Though, now that I think about it, all the files that make up the anim files are probably bunched up aren't they? (I don't like digging in folders, you can get sucked in by hidden treasure) And you can't pick and choose because its a nice convenient file structure that blows up if you even look at it funny, right?And coding... *shudder* my html and C (yes C not C++) programming is soul-crushing enough, I'd like to avoid as much coding as possible.Oh, also, the sounds for the voices, are we able to rip them and put edited versions back in or alter their playback in game? (I think adding completely new ones would be hard to get right)
  4. Creating your own character

    I really like the tool, but I was wondering how to change certain things with the animation(s) and I'm guessing we are still stuck with the current character ones to an extent till the anim tool is released right?
  5. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    I had this idea a while back, and with the implementation of caves, it became more obvious as a possibility. Would it be feasible to make a house, now that we can have a world and instances attached to them?And with the coding, can both worlds run along side each other or will one essentially stop if the character/player isn't in that instance? I'm assuming "no" unless one is a coding guru, and even then interaction of the world with the house would be an interesting prospect.And yes, I know this is a survival game, but if you get a modding scene going, it can become a lot more than that.Also... on a more unrelated topic, is it possible for a fuction/script to be added that allows the game to duplicate itself and files to another location on the computer while playing, and with constant updating? Random I know, but it would be cool for multiple purposes.
  6. [WiP] Don't Starve SuperMod!

    I'd love to join in and help but I'm waiting on the ANIM tools >.<
  7. Don't Starve New Character Tutorial [Wario]

    Ok I would try this, but if I did, I'd probably flip out, but wouldn't moving all the animation files of the hound and overlaying them where the character ANIM are do something? The arms would be an issue I guess, but unless the movements are fundamentaly different on the coding, it would work, but then again, I can't open it to check because I don't have the tool and if I did I'd just rip the hound model apart and re-purpose.It would be annoying to reassign the files though for each animation, since you would have to match names :/Edit: Thought of something, wouldn't the pigs/mermen/bunnies be more character friendly in this situation? They function quite similar to the player in many regards.
  8. Don't Starve New Character Tutorial [Wario]

    Yeah, I mean I am a noob at this, but I'd rather work from scratch then sorta become dependent on the model. I know the tool will allow me to animate, somehow, but i need to figure out how to do so AND make a texture model over it. Maybe i can canabalize other creatures for my project before the anim pack, but I'd think I'd be better off from square one, since I want a different body type and differently functioning enemies.Speaking of, can you canabalize like say a hound and tweak it a lil to replace the bottom of a character, that would be a start i guess, since it moves similar to a creature I want.
  9. Don't Starve New Character Tutorial [Wario]

    Dang it's just anim replacer again. I want to add a character that doesn't use the animation set that's the same for everyone else.
  10. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Do you know about the anim tool and what I have to do in flash to get things to go all well and proper? I' don't wan't to just edit existing files, I wan't to make new animations for a different body type and new critters :3
  11. What I like-Lightning Rod (It's boss)-More adventure stuffs!-More crafts!-Dealing with farm Plots-More landscape additions!What I don't really like- Touchstone being too simplistic - The Health buff (though understandable) did not seem needed. Though thinking about it, it lowers the real desire to use Wolfgang so much.- The berry bushes look really weird, I'd be fine if they just mixed it up.
  12. Community made characters

    Does the conversion work with animations? I've been going through the forums and looking at the tools and I am getting mixed signals on the current tools and their abilities. The other thing is how to add a character that the game can recognize, would that be in the constants.lua, where you can access the in-completed characters? Or somewhere else?
  13. Community made characters

    I was wondering about this as well. Is there anyway to just copy and paste all character data but give them new graphics for all the corresponding animations? I know the converter for these things isn't very good at the moment, but I'm talking hypothetically, looking to the future.Of course this wouldn't be super update friendly (probably at all), but it would be somewhat as simple as drag and dropping files each time and pasting in code for the new character profiles.