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  1. I am so glad you guys waited until well after release to get bitten by the multiplayer bug. Thanks to busy semesters that nearly killed me (literally), I haven't played much since the game launched. Today, however, I bought RoG and played for the first time in months, and I am AMAZED. I hardly recognized the game, but it still feels like quite the single player experience. Although I doubt I will ever play DST, I don't oppose it as I would have back when the game was in Beta and the very idea of adding multiplayer was a waste of development time. May the people who play DST get as much joy from that as I get from the single-player experience.
  2. My best survival was about 55 days, and it would have kept going but it got scrapped when an update came through.Edit: And, yes, that was in one sitting before I saved it and never got back around to it before the update.
  3. Your old, pre-Rain update saves cannot be used after the update is installed. This was caused by some fix they needed to implement. Unfortunate, but necessary I guess.
  4. Interesting, I'll have to try that.
  5. Eggs are also needed if you want to make gunpowder (which I haven't gotten to make use of yet but I have made). So there are two reasons to get eggs from a caged bird. I wonder if their eggs are used for other recipes as well.
  6. Wow. I just tried out a wormhole in one of the worlds I had going only to pop out right next to three bloody wasp nests! Needless to say, that world is now quite defunct. :/
  7. My final pre-update base. My first post-update base, and only a day after a lightning strike wiped out all my original planted saplings (but it made way for the birdcage, so what they hey).
  8. There can be that many Koalefants in one world? I can't even find one of the blasted things!All in all, though, superb base. o-oEdit: Scratch that, I finally managed to find a Koalefant. They DO exist!
  9. That's why I spend at least the first few days in a world torching every spider nest I find (and many a dense forest, too). Nice base, by the way.
  10. Nice base! The road littered with the bones of your fallen foes. It's almost a pity there isn't an item like a hound skull, but I can't think what it might do other than make your base more interesting (unless it could be some kind of totem, but I'm not sure what effect it might have).
  11. I just died on day 25 (I thought I was armed enough to take on a swamp tentacle), 90+% of the map revealed and only four spider dens (all tier 3) known to be left in the world at all. Thing is, there was no Pig King to be found in that world, unless he was buried somewhere deep in the swamp and I just hadn't gotten there when I died!
  12. Ah, thank you. I haven't really gone digging in graveyards yet, I may have to try it.
  13. There are rules for building bases? Why does nobody tell me these things? [MENTION=13516]Maniacu[/MENTION]- Nice base. If I may ask, what's that little rocket thing next to your fire pit?
  14. It almost pains me to admit, but this is the best I've done so far.