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  1. sounds like a great idea, but it should offend incoming mobs for the beefalo wool smells awful:concern:
  2. Mob Ideas

    gotta love these, but I worry about the doppelganger and maybe cerberus. just make slow movement speed for both. that way they're not OP and they will just tempt you with their slow target-tracking:devilish:
  3. Hraugurs Dapper Drawing Dump

    ROFL! really got that reaction to spider warriors going. Flippin things move way too fast
  4. Wilson by a Newbie

    my thoughts exactly! lol. i think it's the hoodie thing
  5. Love the quotes! This guy is clearly obsessed with staying warm, yet the artwork doesn't overuse this theme. I like him! he's cute. Like the guy who works in the next cubicle over or something
  6. for farming charcoal and honey (nighttime) or spiders/silk (daytime) line the area between with pinecones (i.e. plant trees) and light a big bonfire. whichever time of day it is, make sure the inhabitants will be burned alive very easily. WARNING! important spawning resources will be destroyed! caution advised.
  7. Grue's chitchat with Maxwell.

    Calling all Maxxy fangirls!...
  8. I like the shadowy hands avatar! are you on youtube btw?:applause:

  9. A Message to Maxwell

    :boxing:time for 1000 years of death jutsu. on Maxwell's butt