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  1. Lets face it, everyone in the game dies at one point or another regardless of how good of a player you are. The question I have is in regards to that fact. What happens when someone dies in Multiplayer? Will they be revived at the start of a new day provided that another player survives, will they be out of play permanently, or will they be out of commission until someone builds a Meat Effigy or places a Life Amulet on their corpse?
  2. You'd get halfway to their body before you get attacked by a Deerclops. "Okay, almost th- Oh god not AGAIN"
  3. I can only imagine what you would need to make to revive them and the items you need to get. It'd probably be really annoying to get, too. "Revival Serum- 5 Deerclop eyes, 30 Monster Meat, 40 Berries, 30 Spider Glands"
  4. Use him to kill Maxwell. It'll work, trust me. I am not Science but I'm pretty sure Wilson would say it'll work.
  5. The only thing that I'm thinking of as I read this is "Why are you being so mean Maxwell?" I mean, sure we've played the game but it's still a bit cruel to bring so many people all at once... I curse my inactivity for nearly a year, Perhaps I'd feel more inclined to ask if I could join if I actually posted here during that time.
  6. Surprises are nice, until they try disemboweling you...
  7. This seems like it'll be an interesting thing, especially once it becomes fully fleshed out with all the unfortunate souls revealed. The only thing I'm wondering is how you'll 'group' the characters you'll have in the story. Will you keep them separated until the confrontation against Maxwell or will you allow them to find each other?
  8. Lightning striking your character can kill them now, so it's safe to assume he is.
  9. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    What if we could build creatures to help us? Like 'The Monster' from the book 'Frankenstein'
  10. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    Perhaps cutting down enough deciduous trees will summon the new Summer boss? I mean, the Acorns have a string that suggests they'll be used as bait...
  11. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    As it turns out, the Miner's hat has a wetness reduction on it similar to the one on the Straw hat. The picture is proof I found in the game coding, I stumbled upon it by accident.
  12. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    Oh joy, first Spider Queen forts that grow and now Tallbird forts that grow... Hounds won't be the next creatures to reproduce, right?
  13. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    I got curious about how over-heating worked for the characters, and then I realised that Wilson's beard keeps him warm in the Winter which made me wonder if it would cause him to over-heat faster in Summer depending on the level it was at. As it turns out, the beard doesn't affect how fast he over-heats. You can still grow tier 3 Beards to reap the benefits of Beard Hair.
  14. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    Okay, apparently if you have ice in your inventory and it spoils/melts, it increases your wetness meter by 2 points.
  15. All this talk of the Pyro being in Don't Starve really makes me want the Scout in Don't Starve... Shhh, just let me dream okay?
  16. So uh, I found this in one of the Prefab files and they back up the Pyro as a character. They're probably place-holders for actual items, but still...
  17. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    I've learned that you can wear a Chilled Amulet in Summer time to avoid being killed due to over-heating. Not sure if you can freeze to death though, but it seems like wearing it eats through the durability. Also, apparently pigs can catch on fire. I saw smoke on one and then suddenly he went up in flames. Pretty funny, to be honest.
  18. Puzzle Thread

    This right here is what will be the death of me. My anxiety for this puzzle update will kill me. Klei stop making update puzzles addictive.
  19. Creating your own character

    Yeah, it showed me what the error was. Thanks for telling me about this.EDIT: It seems that I've royally screwed this up...I'm questioning if I should start from scratch or try to fix this.
  20. Creating your own character

    I have a problem.Every time I try to start the Mod, it ends up crashing my game. What does that mean and what would the problem usually be?thanks in advance
  21. The more I watch this, the more I dread the tentacles...
  22. I suddenly want Klei to add leashes in so you can tame spiders...
  23. Iceboxes make food last twice as long, meaning that it is worthwhile to create one if you have a lot of food.
  24. Nope, things don't disappear.Food DOES spoil on the ground, however so you should be careful where you leave things.
  25. I would like to say that this is one of the best things I have ever read.I can actually see Wilson going through this as he struggles to survive, and I would like to say that this is certainly entertaining to read. Keep up the good work!