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  1. I love all the ideas, except the thirst meter. I kind of don't want to manage tons of different mechanics - not because I think it would be challenging, but mainly tedious. The concept of water buckets is a good idea though! Just maybe for something else, that isint thirst. To perhaps cook soup, or other craftables. Just please not thirst. >.< micro-managy is not fun for Don't Starve.
  2. Just a quick little doodle of the pig king and Wes looking confused. Nothing spectacular, but doodles are doodles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a quick sketch of Krampus. HISS HISSS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ fleeing away from an angry swarm of bees during an evening of rain. :3 Let me know what'cha think. ^^
  3. I took your suggestion on frogs not attacking Spiice - as though it's kind of situational, It is better than a non existant perk and makes sense from a character stand point. Now - maybe some people/androids would like to help me come up with a better name for Spiice as clearly it doesn't start with a W. ^^
  4. I always seem to mess up so much when coming up with original characters. xD However in my defense, the character is based off a friend on DA and it was done for a birthday gift. ^^ Also..she's a demoness! So..uhm..evil demonic time lapses. <wiggles hands> OoOOooO. xD It's why i'm so scared to take requests, as specific characters break the logic of the time line. I'll try to be more careful next time.
  5. So, this isint a new picture at all. This is actually rather old, when I was just doodling and messing about with ink. Though I felt it was worth sharing anyway, mainly as the difference in quality (in my eyes.) We have Wortox! The demon guy, which is in the unused character roster. Nothing special about the picture, but it's kind of nice for me to reflect back on older doodles and the current, not so awful ones! ^_^------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A picture of Wilson getting quite angry at the annoying gobbler who steals all his berries. I'm pretty sure we all got irritated by the derpy turkey, when we felt safe at the brink of starvation, only to see a berry bush just a few feet from us only to hear the howl of the evil gobbler, snatching what could very mean life from us. This is my first attempt at drawing Wilson (which is kind of amusing, considering he's the face of the game.) and I am pretty happy with how he turned out. Not so much his fist but everything else I am content with.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I haven't seen much, or any fan art of the hounds in Don't Starve. Which is weird, considering they are such tough little sods. And in honor of the new additions to Adventure mode where Hound Mounds can exist. I figured now would be the best time. Hounds are...weird in Don't Starve, as their teeth and fur are all the same color, so I had to take some liberties with what I imagine their jaws would look like. Originally it was going to be part of a bigger picture of hounds moving in on Wilson, or Willow with them running for the hills. However I settled on just displaying the furry devil. Remember - Hounds are not your friends, they have no redeeming qualities. That and no one ever should try to find any decency to their hungry, growling bellies.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just Maxwell - i'm not too happy with how this picture came out at least in comparison to the other stuff i've posted but it was still okay-ish enough in my eyes to post none the less. His face could have been longer, his arms could look better and so on. First attempt at drawing him, so i'll get better. (hopefully.) Though funny story none the less. Maxwell really is evil, as my arm suddenly got a bad cramp in it half-way through drawing him. Whatever I do next, I just hope comes out better than this. xD------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Werepig Guardian! Personal thoughts - I felt this picture came out a lot nicer then the last and am very happy with it for the most part. The pig torches were fun drawing with the squishy head pig.
  6. Captain PegwashA rare mob idea for ghosts. As we all know, ghosts aren't that threatening - you just kind of run away from them and they'll eventually give up. To remedy this - meet Captain Pegwash.Captain Pegwash, a brutal, merciless seadog in his time. He was known for his ruthlessness and dabbling in dark arts. Death was no obstacle for Captain Pegwash either. Even in death he rests for no one, searching for his next victim to bring to his unholy pirate crew!Can you defend yourself against a rally of ghosts led by Captain Pegwash? Will you fall victim to his circling dual nightmare cutlass? Only time will tell. <Wiggles fingers> oOoOOooOooo. xDI would like to hear your guys and gals ideas for what he could do, when he'd spawn, what he'd drop, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In honor of "A little rain must fall" update, I decided to draw man, pig mutant...scaley thing! I don't know it's official name, but I am calling it Derpy as his eyes crack me up and his vacant, mouth breathing expression makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^ I attempted to make the 'rain effects' but I don't know if they really came out that well or not. Either way, hope ya like it!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A fluffy, baby beefalo. Just because of how cuddly and cute they are! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Spider Queen and her fuzzy babies. I hope it isint too light for visual purposes, but I had a lot of fun drawing the queen. The babies originally weren't going to be in it, but I figured I could whip one up, and scale them to size for just an extra complete package. What is a mother without her babies, eh? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just Deerclops, clopsing it up. I made him a little too large, so I couldn't finish his legs, or make some little effects around his feet. That's okay though, it fits with his MASSIVE appearance.All feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
  7. Spiice is something of a techno witch. Likes science, but cuts corners with magic. She's also not exactly stable in her head with her only friend being..well a frog. So, she speaks a lot through him. A few examples would be a quote for it getting late being. "Wibit doesn't like the dark. " type of deal. The frog idea is something interesting, but it's also verrry situational too. Even more so then other characters.
  8. - - - Updated - - - Hrm - that is a good point. I figured taffy did a lot more damage to you when you ate it - but I seemed to have mistook that for monster lasagna (I dont know how I managed that.) Do you have a suggestion to change her perk? I do like her weakness -- but yeah that perk is kind of shoddy. ^^
  9. Right-o! I will ask for ideas if I am drawing a blank though for certain.
  10. Heheh well it depends on if those tears of joy are making you feel ill inside. Some people do prefer the dark, bellowing shadows to embrace them. So who knows! As for requests, i'm not opposed to the idea, but I want to try and get a bit better at drawing, and angles and such before attempting to tackle someone else's ideas. That probably comes off rather cliche and as a cheap excuse. Though maybe at some point later down the line, when i'm more confident of my work I will! Though for now, hopefully people can just appreciate the doodles and such I release. ^^ sorry if that disappoints.
  11. Well, that's why Wibit starts with a W. ^^ Spiice is an old character of mine back in WoW - soo it's kind of difficult for me to change her name when she already had an established one. Though for new characters, I will keep that in mind.
  12. Hey Don't Starve Fans and Fannets. Been playing this game since the early beta and just got around to registering to the site. I'm not the best artist. (and in fact I don't consider myself one at all) BUT I do like to doodle from time to time and lately Don't Starve has siphoned my interest. So be gentle. ^^;First on the list of pictures is an original character idea.Spiice & Wibit"Stop that, Wibit.". Frogs won't attack her. Wibit takes a small portion of all food. So, this is Spiice. Techno-Witch and her trusty frog companion Wibit.What makes Wibit special compared to the other frogs? Well..for one Wibit doesn't try to kill Spiice, and he follows her around like a pet simply for cosmetic purposes.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a quick sketch of Wilton from the unused characters thus far.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A birthday gift of a friend's character, who we have named..Weldersnap!Weldersnap"Not sure I like them watching me sleep.". Loses Sanity quicker, smaller sanity pool.. Increases her strength the less sanity she has. So this was a birthday gift for a friend, titled "Birthday Madness".The idea behind the character is being a Succubus, she has a natural affiliation with the other world. Gaining strength from them, at the cost of her own humanity. And just for silliness, they are throwing her a party. <flails arms cheerfully>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a small doodle of a cute, sleeping Koalefant. ^_^------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just a drawing of everyones favorite, easily killable mime, Wes!Feedback is of course greatly appreciated, and any suggestions are awesome as well. And here is my Deviant Art Page just in case some were interested.