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  1. How import old save on new version game?
  2. Unfortunately, my English is so poor that I can't find it, because I don't know a lot of English words..
  3. I'm recording in YouTube, please, help me <3
  4. Thank JoeW, but I don't have my save with older version game. How import this?
  5. I buy Don't Starve in Steam. Do you have my nickname?Please, help me.
  6. I tried reinstalling, but doesn't work. Next, I copy old files then paste files to folder, but doesn't work I have problem, because I have't before update.
  7. Hello,I don't speak English, sorry :DI have problem when update Don't Starve.. Down is screen with warring. I update don't starve, but I earlier don't update don't starve... I have earlier Don't Starve with December 2012. Please don't beat me for my english and help me <3http://www.speedyshare.com/jdfzM/dontstarve.pngBye