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  1. Edit: Nvm, that solution won't work. So, just to be clear, you have a stackable item in your inventory. You can drop it on the ground in a stack, and you can drop it in singles on the ground, but only when you activate your special action do you want something to happen, yes? Then I would suggest that you do not drop the item at all, simply remove the item from your inventory and follow up with what you want to happen.
  2. Yeah, looks like mods have to approve new modifications now. It should be up on this site.
  3. Maybe the mods need to accept the new upload? No idea, it looks like it's available when I am logged in but when I am not it's not there. Anyway, steam link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180486675
  4. Uploaded mod to http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/files/file/309-rpg-items/ and will upload to Steam as well. Can't figure out how to change the name of this topic from Wip to Released.
  5. Version v6


    Items sometimes have magical effects on them. Mod also available via Steam workshop! All items listed below have a 20% chance to gain a magical effect when they spawn (crafted, found or dropped). Weapons and armorpieces get different effects. The effects on weapons are heavily influenced by the attack power of the weapon, while the armor effects have no particular scaling. An item that gains a special effect will display a (?) next to its name. This indicates the item is unidentified. Use a Magnifying Glass (available in the Tools crafting tab) on the item to identify what effect is present on the item. Examine the item after it has been identified to get a more detailed explanation. Note that the effect is active whether you identify it or not. If this mod is activated in mid-game then all existing items in the game will have a 20% chance of recieving an effect. Once an item has an effect it cannot be removed. * indicates a visual effect will play when the effect triggers Possible weapon effects: Flaming - Sometimes ignites flammable targets * Leeching - Steals health from targets on each hit Freezing - Sometimes freezes freezable targets * Minimizing - Sometimes shrinks and slows targets * Vorpal - Very rarely instantly kills targets * Blessed - Deals additional damage (20 percent) Well-crafted - Deals additional damage (10 percent) Telelocating - Sometimes teleports targets away * Sturdy - Takes longer to break down Terrifying - Sometimes causes target to panic * Poisoning - Sometimes deals double damage over time * Self-repairing - Slowly repairs itself over time (always active) Curses: Slippery - Can slip out of your hand when used * Disappearing - Sometimes vanishes when used * Thorny - Deals 1 damage to user when used What weapons can gain special effects: Axe Golden Axe Ham Bat Spear Tentacle Spike Dark Sword Thulecite Club Pickaxe Golden Pickaxe Hammer Shovel Golden Shovel Pitchfork Cane Bat Bat Pick/Axe Fishing Rod Bug net Possible armor effects: Sturdy - Takes longer to break down Fireproof - Reduces fire-damage by a third Cozy - Small protection against freezing Dapper - Small bonus to sanity Self-repairing - Slowly repairs itself over time (always active) Healing - Slowly heals wearer over time Faster's - Reduces hunger drain Quick - Increases speed Sentient - Helps wearer understand Science Entombing - Sometimes freezes attacker if struck * Wish-away - Sometimes teleports attackers away * Curses: Hungry - Increases hunger drain Heavy - Decreases speed Tickling - Prevents sleeping Entombing What items can gain special armor effects: Grass Suit Log Suit Night Armour Marble Suit Snurtle Shell Armor Thulecite Suit Football Helmet Beekeeper Hat Shelmet Thulecite Crown Miner Hat Beefalo Hat Feather Hat Top Hat Winter Hat Spiderhat Rabbit Earmuffs Tam o' Shanter Dapper Vest Breezy Vest Puffy Vest Torch Umbrella Lantern
  6. The default is "most popular this week". One should click on "top rated all time" for the "best" mods. I like that it defaults to most popular last week, because it means new mods have a much easier time becoming popular. Otherwise you get 5 mods with 30 000 downloads and 95 mods with 200 downloads.
  7. I used it as a baseline for getting the magnifying glass to show up on the ground. Thanks, by the way. Lots of files that aren't going to be in a real release in there. Edit: the chance of getting an enchanted item is 20%, only after that is it rolled for what type of effect. Armor pieces are always discovered (forgot to flip a switch).
  8. Indeed a flaming axe of frost would be useless for the reason you said - flaming includes thawing frozen enemies, and frost would include extinguishing burning enemies. I'm linking the strength of the enchantment to the weapon instead. So a flaming axe might have 2% chance to set someone on fire, while a tentacle spike would have 6%. This way we can have variable effects but the player can rest assured that "more is always better".
  9. Here's an alpha if someone wants to try it out. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32649007/HF_rpgitemsv01.rar
  10. I'm going to settle for 1 prefix from the start, because I don't want a 1 in 100 chance to get something extremely op from the start. Maybe a suffix would be something that could come from the forge that may or may not show up at a later time. I'm also going to use a non-random naming system, so a freezing axe has the same effect as a freezing shovel. I want to do as many unique effects as possible, so it's important that they can be identified by their name immediately.
  11. @TheDanaAddams I wasn't able to work the component for every item (custom and vanilla). The prefabs list isn't populated until after mods are loaded, and then it is too late to add to the prefab functions. Instead of loading last, I will load first. Then if anyone wants to add the effects to an item in their own mod you can do if GLOBAL.STRINGS.NAMES.MAGNIFYINGGLASS then AddPrefabPostInit("myweapon1", function(inst) inst:AddComponent("rpgweapon") end) AddPrefabPostInit("myweapon2", function(inst) inst:AddComponent("rpgweapon") end) AddPrefabPostInit("myarmor1", function(inst) inst:AddComponent("rpgarmor") end) AddPrefabPostInit("myhat1", function(inst) inst:AddComponent("rpgarmor") end) end and it will add the component if this mod is already loaded I was able to alter the hover-text like you suggested, so now if you have an unidentified item it says Axe (?)and then it is changed to something like Freezing Axe when identified. As before, examining the item will give more details.
  12. @TheDanaAddams Yes, the goal would be that it integrates with other mods as well. Obviously there's going to be limits and I'm sure bugs will come up as a result, but I think if I write it right it should work. Sure, we can do an ignore switch if you want to. I don't think making it a tag serves a purpose, you can just do inst.ignorerpgeffects = true in the prefab function. Right now I have the explanation in the examine text, because the functions that govern what text appears when you hover over stuff is a LOT more complicated to hook in to. The actual effect names are never displayed, I just display what the effect does at the moment. But if I can work it I will use your suggested names, thank you for those.
  13. Yes it is. Just pay careful attention to wat entity issues the event.
  14. @simplex I hadn't thought of that! I'll look into it after the scripts are done.
  15. @RCatta modular means I want it to work seamlessly with other mods as well. I load last, sort through prefabs and apply to weapon/armor items. I can't do that if I want graphics. Also, really we're talking about 200+ new swap files and probably as many icons. I see this more as a fun script and not really worthy of spending that kind of time.
  16. The reason I want to avoid that is that I can keep it completely modular if I don't add any graphics. If all I need in modmain.lua is function HF_addrpgweapon(inst) inst:AddComponent("rpgweapon")endAddPrefabPostInit("axe", HF_addrpgweapon) then that is a huge success for me.
  17. I prefer to work on my own, but thanks for the offer. Why is one axe different from another axe? That's just how RPGs work I guess. A slightly higher damage from some attribute and a good roll. I guess if you want a "Don't Starve" explanation then each individual reagent used is unique - it contains impurities and perhaps hidden features that you didn't know about.
  18. Mod released: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/index.php?/files/file/309-rpg-items/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180486675
  19. Would be cool if you stumbled upon some kind of wandering necromancer with a couple of skeletons in tow. He could be wandering the graveyard, becoming stronger as time passes as he finds more corpses.
  20. Characters are fairly easy to put in the game and people like playing characters that they want to play as. I don't see a problem here at all. There are absolutely not "too many" character mods. If you don't like a mod, all you have to do is ignore it. I would even go as far as to say that, with the excellent tutorials available, making a character mod is a GREAT way to get into the mod community of Don't Starve by making an important contribution. Very few are going to come to these forums and immediately join up an impressive collaboration like Up and Away. Please be very respectful when you try to discourage people from making mods. We all lose something for every bit that doesn't get made. Doesn't matter if it's a TUNING tweak or a new world. Edit: @TheDanaAddams said it better above.
  21. Sounds interesting! After reading this, I'm even more glad that I went with non-invasive code to do the lava level - otherwise our mods wouldn't work together.
  22. Version v5


    Mod allows the player to select any character when starting a new map. In other words, all characters are unlocked. This mod is available on the Steam Workshop! Downloading it from there means it automatically updates when I release new versions. SPOILERS: Using this mod may unveil details about Adventure mode. You were warned. The player will continue to collect experience towards unlocking characters when losing a game, so if you wish to remove the mod later on you'll have collected the experience you earned. How to install