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  1. Lots of opinions scattered around this topic,The fun in this game is great, beta is new for me. In Story mode i would like to have less items in the 1st couple worlds untill u get further. and be able to normally save your game.As tuning continues, u can tweak newer worlds, and once in a while add new items or monsters.As for multiplayer. i can imagine this is not doable for many reasons. But if some big sponsor would help, this platform suits great.Having the feeling not to survive alone. And be able to set player kill mode on ofcourse. and off for the nice guys.Mustfix is Save GAMES! i've lost HOURS of playtime because STEAM is deleting or changing files so the game does not recognize the previous game i've saved. This really bothers me and made me quit for a week. Implement the savegames within the game. It's obvious u don't want it to be a saving game because u can't load your save back again when u die. This is absolutely fun unless Steam is deleting the save games.. I rather see these bugs fixed than new content so i could get to the latest items. 50 hours playtime can be insane in a normal life. So unless it becomes multiplayer and you just die, its more fun than playing single player. Anyways , waiting for the next release and will spend a lot of hours.Thats all for me to say.Cheerss
  2. I am willing to produce music for this game, i openend a new thread with some examples
  3. Hi all!I've made music to fit in Don't StarveI would love to know how you guys like it.This preview will fit the intro screen / Main menu this preview will fit if your character goes Insane would love to have music and atmospheres like this in this game. And am willing to make them as a big fan!