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  1. Haha, the exact same thing happened to me a couple of days ago. A was too happy to find that damn creature to be angry though.As for me, well... I just started to play in Adventure Mode, and I'm curious to see what world I could reach before dying (is there a number max of worlds by the way?). Anyway, 2nd world, things went quiet great and I was ready to leave it. Except that I needed that last Wooden Thing part. No problem, I'll just explore quickly the map, shouldn't be too long, right? Well nope, would be too easy. I roamed through the ENTIRE MAP, literally without finding it.Here's a first screen to show you.The green circle is where I spawned.The black one where the Wooden Thing was.And the red ones where the parts were.Nothing unusual, right?Can't find it?Click if you dareThe only way to go to that island was to take a wormhole. I roamed the map back and forth for days before eventually trying a wormhole. And it wasn't even on purpose, I just wanted to take a shortcut...