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  1. I do find it much more difficult to stay down there for very long, but I've never really build a base underground. I usually just go down there for some resources, stay as long as I can handle, and come up again. I always figured that was the point, as well as giving people more reason to play the game longer. I'm looking forward to the deeper levels, but I don't know that I'll spend that much time there either.

  2. Just read the Wickerbottom changes (sorry if mentioned before but this thread is now 80+) and I have to say I don't like the "books". Reading them causes stuff to happen? Sounds like Wickerbottom is becoming a sorceress rather than a librarian, especially considering she can already build magic items without a Shadow Manipulator. Unless that's going to become part of her back-story somehow? Also can she not sleep at all, or only at night? (like maybe she can sleep during the day or only at dusk, and wakes up at night?)

  3. I'm gonna weigh in and say that maybe the evil flowers thing is a bug. I have purposely tried to farm them with no luck at all, and so far the only thing we have heard from the posts here is that occasionally, maybe, a couple will show up if you make 3 Bee Boxes and wait a long time. Do Bees create new regular flowers? I've personally never seen it despite making many bee boxes.Also the reason the wiki says they aren't renewable is that we haven't been able to prove it through tests or have found it in the game files, which we do with everything else.

  4. Well that bird in the campfire isnt really that bad. I found out that if you hold a weapon (spear) in your hand while murdering the bird/rabbit,you always get a morsel. And doesn't use the durability of the spear

    I was so hoping this was true so I'd never get Crow feathers again, but alas I just tested it and you do still get them. You must just have great luck ;)

  5. I agree that the Bug Net needs improvement, but 20 used is a little too much. the main issue with the Silk requirement is that a lot of other items require silk, to the point that it's almost as common a requirement as grass, which is much easier to find. I purposely let spider nests grow to tier 3 just to farm the Silk, and I still never have enough. I just built 3 Bee boxes in a new world and it took like 4 bug nets to gather the bees and butterflies to build the farm (the most flowers I have seen together on this world was 3, not enough for multiple boxes). Upping the uses from the net by just a few would be great as it would just be a small time-saver, a little less grinding without overpowering it.

  6. Ok, if it was too high before then that's fine, I've only been playing a few weeks and didn't realize this was the case. That said, how should you prepare for winter if it comes so early? I was exploring to try and find supplies when it hit, which is why I did so poorly. I've yet to see any beefallo, there are not berries in this world, and the pigs are harder to kill now, especially in groups. I just don't know how I could have prepared much better than I did.

  7. So as of the recent update I've noticed that my roasted carrots are only giving me 3 health, where as before they gave like 24. Morsels seem to be less too, though I haven't yet checked the numbers. This has been killing me since winter came on day 12 (adventure mode, no berries) and I wasn't ready. I froze out in the wild and barely made it home, but now I can't heal! Can anyone comment on whether this is a bug or if they changed the health values again?