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  1. Version 1.2


    TEXTool v1.2 by Handsomematt Converts Klei .tex files to .png Re-uploading this because it seems to be unavailable. Hope it's ok and the original author did not want it taken off.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's set numbers, I've been making notes since I was having problems with this lately
  3. Ok, if it was too high before then that's fine, I've only been playing a few weeks and didn't realize this was the case. That said, how should you prepare for winter if it comes so early? I was exploring to try and find supplies when it hit, which is why I did so poorly. I've yet to see any beefallo, there are not berries in this world, and the pigs are harder to kill now, especially in groups. I just don't know how I could have prepared much better than I did.
  4. So as of the recent update I've noticed that my roasted carrots are only giving me 3 health, where as before they gave like 24. Morsels seem to be less too, though I haven't yet checked the numbers. This has been killing me since winter came on day 12 (adventure mode, no berries) and I wasn't ready. I froze out in the wild and barely made it home, but now I can't heal! Can anyone comment on whether this is a bug or if they changed the health values again?