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  1. Crash on launch

    it didn't generate a .mdump file. the game literally starts black screen, hear the starting sound for about half a second, then white screen "Mark of the Ninja has stopped working." JoeW was right. Didn't hit the "apply" on the nvidia control panel with the default settings before trying the game again. It works now. Thanks for your time and sorry for any inconvenience. Really appreciate the timely response and help gents. Looking forward to playing this game. 5/5 for customer service
  2. Crash on launch

    i reset my nvidia settings to default and nothing is "forced" all are on or off or auto.game still crashes so i've attached the log file Hope there's a solution. aggregate.log
  3. Crash on launch

    I'm at my wits end...Just bought the game on Steam for $5 and have not been able to start the game without it telling me "Mark of the Ninja has stopped working" when it launches.I've tried everything:Verify Cache, run dxsetup.exe, restarted computer, update windows, unplugged my controller, updated video drivers, uninstall and reinstall, set compatibility to various OS, run as admin, etc.none of it has allowed me to start the game let alone play the game. Every where i search people tell me the problem is fixed! but none of the steps to fix this issue works for me! :hopelessness::hopelessness:Please someone help me with this problem. I've attached my dxdiag infomy Specs at a glanceZ77 ASUS Sabertooth i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz1 x GTX67032GB RAMWindows 7 Home premium 64bitOS runs off a 250GB SSDGames installed on 500 GB HDDRunning a 2 monitor setup DxDiag.txt