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  1. An easy start is completely disabling berrys and significantly reducing the amount of rabbits. There are too many rabbits in summer, much less winter.Sanity should be very strained in winter, and Tentacles should be frozen.Pigs should become permanently hostile, because they are hungry too, and it will force the player out of turtling in pig villaiges.
  2. The question you have to ask yourself is this:Do you want "realistic" winter or do you want "hard" winter?Because a lot of the features that currently make winter hard are unrealistic. You can still farm in winter.
  3. Half as many rabbits.Completely disable berrys for winter.Wilsons Beard doesn't give warmth.Trees crow a quarter as fast.Farming still works but happens 1/4th as fast.
  4. Walrus actually is kind of overpowered.He's like the only ranged monster in the game, and if he hits you, you are toast.IDK how you could possibly fight his entire party and win without either being wolfgang or having 5 or so pigs with you.
  5. If you consider that Wilson is basically in Hell, McTusk is probably just an embodiment of Sin or something.I guess that makes the Son the incestuous demon offspring of Lust or something, so either way, he needs to be put down.
  6. So I'm capped at 10k xp and the next character is a blacked out image of Woody.Does that mean he's the next character?Heres to hoping that crazy bastard only stays sane if he eats monster meat or something awesome like that.
  7. Please no.Nerf pigs. Pigs ruin this game.Lol I have 5 pigs with me. Go attack those beefalo pigs.Well, now I have 15 meats guess I can survive winter.
  8. The Solution?Require fuel for Crockpots.Edit: Its also probably a good idea to create some AI that makes pigs not do things that get them killed, that way you cant suicide pigs for food.
  9. Surviving in a winter environment requires Hunter/Gatherer behavior.The reason it isn't that fun right now is that there are only 3 animal types, and fighting any of the monsters without pigs to tank for you generally just gets you killed.Also, sandbox custom exists for a reason. Short winter FTW.I am still unbelievably surprised by the depth of what is essentially a 10 dollar game. I'd like for it to be a lot deeper, but I'm trying to keep a realistic mindset here.To me this game is infinitely more entertaining than minecraft or other games of the type. Plus isn't this game mod-able? Wait til after release and people will have Space Marines chasing you around killing your bee hives with Lightsabers.Edit: It also helps to not go around looking for all the exploits and such that people are doing.I purposely limited myself from even reading most of the Wiki, because theres always some guy who is going to tell you cheap tricks to exploit the AI of mobs in a beta.You can do the same thing in 60 dollar Triple A titles just as easily if you want to.Example: Nearly every monster in Skyrim can be killed by jumping on a rock and shooting arrows down at it, or hiding behind a wall and confusing its AI.Skyrim is still worth about 450 hours on a good playthrough.
  10. I gave up on Project Zomboid, and I'm actually kind of pissed off about it.The guy sold access to his beta for 8 dollars, and then released a horrifically broken build 2.0.r RC 2.3 and then basically told everyone, "Oh well we are going to use the next 5 months to make RC 3 and barely even post on our forums, go ahead and roll back to whatever working build you can find until then.I like how Kevin seems to actually care that we are playing his game and not just waiting for it.Also, in Zomboid, at a certain point the game flat out force kills you. If you survive too long the zombies WILL find and kill you. No matter what.At least when deerclops destroys your camp you can GTFO and start over or something.
  11. It's a lot like Don't Starve, except that the monsters (zombies) in game are basically a non factor until a scripted point in the game when the game basically force kills you by letting the AI know where you are.Unlike Don't Starve, ALL resources are finite, and you aren't able to "Sustain". You basically just have to move building to building trying to find food/water and then board yourself into a house.I didn't realize Klei had made Mark of the Ninja. I have no doubts that Don't Starve will eventually be a complete game. Difficulty in a game like this has to be changed gradually.You can't just slam around nerf/buff hammers and change core game mechanics on a game that you already took people's money for.Winter Update was a huge step in the right direction.
  12. Pigs need a nerf. Everything else needs a buff.Also, this game NEEDS some sort of roaming monster that steals things you leave on the ground.