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  1. That one time, when one of my battles didn't end up well... I got caught in the middle of a fight between spider queen and angry mermen, both were after me... and I got killed by a tentacle.
  2. They will make a formidable army against Maxwell and his lackeys!
  3. Troll or be trolled, I got some moments like that...When the game trolled me: Finished off a tier 2 spider nest - hounds killed me.Finished off Treeguard with 2 fellow pigs (no companions), they both survived but ate the meat. (I wasn't really that pissed, they deserved it)I've spent 20 days on searching for the pig king, when it was near the area I spawned, and that is not even the problem... he was near water, and all the gold he gave... you guess'd, drops into the ocean! (didn't knew you can rotate that)When the hounds approach, I always think it's the Koalaphant, this is my own stupidity but I fell for it countless time before. When I updated the winter patch and wanted to continue my old game (day 11), a seemingly endless wave of hounds killed me (I still don't know if this was intentional or not)and... and... I think there is more, but can't think of any.
  4. I've made it to world 2, I had no problems with World one... hell I even had a nice little farm the map generated just for me, with lotsa carrots. But I got attacked by hounds in world 2, barely survived, actually, with my low health and only vegetables as food supplies, I give the spiders 3-4 days to get me.
  5. Meh, if you lack of something, then you lack of something, this is a survival game afterall. Though, having a renewable replacement for rocks is a good idea, like gold for flint (oh the irony), it just should be really really really hard to get.
  6. Stole the topic idea from the Paradox forum. It's simple, you just post some intresting you did in game in here. I got the idea when me and 2 pigs played hit and run with a tree guard on day 3... and we killed him! I was even so happy that I gave the meat to one of the pigs! Sadly forgot to take pictures... be more lucky than me guys!
  7. I usually start my quest with finding the great pig king and start building trade relations with him, that way I don't have to fear about renewable resources. I try to keep my naughtiness rating down so I trade most of the meat I hunt down.
  8. Sorry if there was already a thread like this. I'm new to the forum. Anyways. Just wanted to ask how you construct your main base or bases and how you plan to survive. I for one always try to make one base with everything (I mean chest and the alchemy machine) and form a large tree-circle around it and put a large campfire in the middle. I don't really like the idea of having to run for manure all the time and build farm plots so I try to solve my food necessities day by day. I build about 3-6 smaller bases on the rear ends of the map (number depends on how many resources I can spare) so I can find a good place to rest when I am hunting, this is also a good way to explore the map, and makes the game a bit more intresting. Well, the new patch made this style of gameplay a bit harder, the maps are larger, less roads, more durable foes, winter and whatnot, I might have to change my current strategy. Btw. are stone walls of any use? I haven't really bothered with walling myself in, the trees did a good job so far, I'm just curious.
  9. Happend to me too... I hate that, so much! But I love Pig King... he's so, pig-like.
  10. Hmm, nice! One more reason to keep up my habbit of smashing most of the spider dens before they grow large.
  11. It doesn't really matter but I'm still curious. As I updated to the Winter version, I wanted to continue my earlier game wich was already by day 30, on day 31 I got attacked by a large pack of hounds (I could kill 7 of them, got 2 logsuits by myself and they came one by one) but of course I died, was this something intentional or just something weird as hell? o.O
  12. Honestly, I love the way the characters point out that gold is actually a pretty soft material and unable outmach stone in durability, but still doesn't care. I know it's a small and nerdy thing but I love it