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  1. Sour gas is being transferred from the Crude Oil boiling chamber below to the Volcano chamber above it through tiles it should not be able to pass through. The second picture shows the Volcano chamber as it's intended to be, sitting in vacuum. The first shows Sour Gas suddenly appeared up there. I must mention the oil is being turned into Petroleum in a very weird way. Instead of converting a whole cell of Crude Oil to Petroleum once it reaches the appropriate temperature, the game is creating new 5kg pockets of Petroleum, putting it where the ~840kg of Crude Oil once was and pushing the rest of the oil to the side. I was told this is called the "flaking" effect. This effect might be a different bug altogether. My main problem here is Sour Gas suddenly appearing where theoretically it should have no way of getting to. Disclaimer: English isn't my first language and also my writing is bad in general, so if you need anything clarified, just ask.
  2. Hey there, Klei and forum readers!I don't usually visit the forums. I came here because something was urgent enough for me to move me to post.Don't Starve is becoming too hard and the fun is being taken out of it as fast as hounds on cobblestones!Surviving as the game is now goes from hard to taking-too-much-effort.Although I really enjoy my time playing Don't Starve, I don't feel it is the kind of place where I want to have to focus hard to achiev something.I'll try to be a bit more specific. I have yet to be able to build a nice house/place of my own before being anihilated. Note that walls were added quite some time ago. | It would appear our last resort to surviving Hound attacks has been taken away from us. It seems they no longer prefer juicy meat on the ground over Wilson's bones. | Tentacles come out of the ground and attack us too fast! I don't see how are we to take strolls in the swamp to gather our wet grass AND survive on the same day.I'd think of more to write but forums react toxicly to my being.Do forgive my limited english and posting skills.May the world be a nicer place to all of us.Farewell,Evirent