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  1. The idea of the house was excellent but I do not think I need to be that good, like this makes the game a lot, a tip is to increase the items required to be built and that lasts a few times, eg 15. But is parabens! automatic light was spectacular.
  2. !Resolved! I solved the bug as follows: I left my sanity quickly jumping down several times in the wormhole and then slept to recover then the roots are gone red.
  3. Here is the print of my screen and I do not really think it's card settings.
  4. Thank you all for help-me you explained to me why the fall in my standard of living, but the roots red on the screen? My sanity is at 167, is quite high and does not justify the roots and my hunger is in 90
  5. My life limit dropped to 80 points and my screen has red roots, what is it? help me