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  1. Is creepy! Wolfgang don't like birds. I smash bird!
  2. Is fat and weak-looking man! Very fat! But is Russian! Wolfgang would be comrades with fat man.
  3. Is unknown! Weaker than Wolfgang likely! Ha! Ha! Ha! Is rude. Punch hair-cow thing after that! Wolfgang use big muscles to kill cheap suit man and get out of here. Then Wolfgang be more mightier than before! Ha!
  4. Aaaaaaaahh!! Is big scary hairy thing! Wolfgang is afraid for first time in Wolfgang's life!
  5. Wes? Tiny man means the little mute man? Is weakling! I prevail longer than him.Wolfgang been punching scary bugs! Is good for big and mighty arm! Also carry rocks! Rocks hard like belly!
  6. Thank you little man.Cookie is tiny and puny like tomato! I crush into dust!
  7. ...Is bad people.Oooohh. Wolfgang is not feeling very happy now.
  8. Is tiny and weak man. Wolfgang don't want to waste mighty arms on puny man.Is safe!
  9. Book? For Wolfgang? Ha! Wolfgang needs no book!
  10. Bug with scary face is no match for Wolfgang! Is weak!
  11. No one tells Wolfgang what to do! Wolfgang is too strong and big!