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  1. Humm... Hadn't thought about making extra backpacks. The only time I have made a second one is when I died and respanwed at effigy. Does Krampus steal backpacks?
  2. I like RedDeBlu's Idea of placeable torches and sanity saving floors (not giving sanity, just preventing its decay). This would make it good for the player to spend the night at their camp where they can continue to craft etc. I also like the torch Idea because I like making my base look as much like a house as possible and putting fire pits everywhere looks kind of silly to me :pThey should still need fuel, but they should sit on stone walls.
  3. Rafe, how can you ever have a wood shortage? I just save a stack of 40 pine cones at all times. You can plant a forest and cut it down in a single day (though that is terribly inefficient). It is more efficient to plant 40 trees and wait a few days for them to grow though. If you do that you get 120 wood and 80 pine cones out of your original 40 trees. Whenever I feel low on wood I just plant a forest
  4. Personally, I think the only sanity restoration should come from the bedroll or the tent. It would put more pressure on the food in addition to making the player have to sleep every so often. As of now I don't even bother unlocking the bedroll because I just pick flowers if I start getting low sanity. The tent is relatively expensive to make and bedrolls can only be used at night so this might cause some people to be insane and run from hallucinations till they can get to sleep
  5. The red roots on the screen is insanity... What is your insanity level? The loss of life is from meat effigy as everyone is saying.
  6. I build chests because I like to make everything organized. I keep wood products in one, stone in another, and important items (like bees) in another. Now that I think about it the bee thing is actually not just organization. Dogs hit bee mine, release 20 angry bees from chest
  7. Does the log armor stack with the football helmet? Or do they just replace on another? Is there any reason to wear both?
  8. I think the map should have icons for pigs and backpacks. Other than that I disagree with the other ideas. I like having to choose between armor and storage. It makes for an interesting dynamic when a spider queen emerges and you have to decide quickly whether to risk losing your life or your backpack