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  1. Ooo nice haha I have survived the max of 9 days -- both died due to spiders and pigs.. whoops.. >.<
  2. http://puu.sh/29aZvAnyone else run into random farm plots and a free shovel? Also I found a metal potato thingie there.. along with a crank in my inventory while venturing out into the world.. I'd like to figure out what these do Unless they're junk ill be throwing them out!
  3. Haha willing to ride out the storm like a champ or die trying and continue to try! ^^ I guess all of us have our own little 'surviving pattern' we will use when combating winter and it's harsh environment!
  4. Haven't even weathered it yet! (The Storm speaking of course), I've barely played 2 hours of this game before winter patch ;; I'll be playing here real shortly today. Looking forward to this Challenge!
  5. Thank you Avarice I've been meaning to make an account for a while. I like to be a positive influence to the community
  6. Although I've only got 2 hours logged into Don't Starve, the new update I am excited for -- while people are complaining about it being hard, I'm going to learn to adapt to new Changes on the fly and adapt my survival style. I like a challenge and I really hope Klei doesn't nerf the Winter Patch or anything else because it's fine the way it is. The reports of glitching will probably get fixed but thats about it :)Super excited to try out the new patch!! Enjoy it and adapt guys!